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Random poems
Story published October 8, 2012 · updated January 25, 2013 · 8 pages · 409 readers · 868 reads
Why Can't you See?
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Why Can't you See?

I look at you, but you never see what this truly does to me.
Why can't you see?
It's not complicated.
I like you, but you don't see. 
I've liked you for a while, but you don't notice.
It hurts every time you look at her that way.
Why can't you see that you do this to me?
You don't even have to try, you make me wanna cry when you go on about her.
Yeah she's beautiful, she'll never like you the way I do.
Why can't you see?
I want to be with you, I want to feel the love I think I might deserve.
So why go back to her?
She'll never like you like I do.
Why can't you see what you do to me, with a smile, a laugh.
I look at you, but you don't see what I'm hiding underneath.
Why can't you see?
She'll never love you like I do.
She's never cared, why can't you see?
I've always been there, I've always been the one who cares.
I'm sorry if I've ever hurt you.
I try to understand that you'll never like me.
Why can' you see?
I don't want to be without you.
When you thought no one cared?
I was there.
Why can't you see?
This is the real me, I'm not gonna hide anymore.