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Story published October 8, 2012 · updated November 1, 2012 · 5 pages · 686 readers · 1,256 reads
Niall Horan Imagin
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Niall Horan Imagine

~Niall Imagine~

Ya ran out of your house, crying. You parents just told you they were getting a divorce. You didnt want to choose between them, and you didnt want to switch off each week. What will I do? I'm old enough to live on my own.....but i don't have enough money. Maybe i can live with a frie-

"Are you alright?"You heard an Irish accent ask. You looked around and saw that you had stopped under a tree, still crying.

"Ya, i'm fine"You claimed, looking away.

You felt arms go around you and say "No you aren't"

You continued to cry. I'm a mess. I'm crying into some random guys shoulder that i just met. Great.

"By the way, I'm Niall. What's your name?"He said, pulling away and looking at you with Icy blue eyes.

"I-i'm ____"You Mumbled, wiping your tears away, only to have more fall.

He pulled his sleeve over his hand and wiing some of your tears away"A beautiful name for a beautiful girl"He smiled.

You giggled, and eventually got your tears to stop falling.

"Can i have your number? I mean, in case you ever want to hang out...?"He asked uncertainly.

"Sure, since you helped me"You said as you exchanged phones. You entered your number and he entered his, and from that day on you two kept dating for a long time. The fandom loves you!

(My second imagine!!!! PLEASE tell me if you want an imagine for you :) )