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Camping On Friday 13th *Cameron Boyce Love Story*
Story published October 9, 2012 · updated October 13, 2012 · 8 pages · 6,303 readers · 26,091 reads
Chapter 2
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Chapter 2

This is the picture of the Campsite.

Peyton's Mum: were here at the Campsite isn't it beautiful?

Cameron: it sure is

Me: yay were here, Jake pick my bags up for me please

Jake: no you have arms do it yourself

Me: ugh Spencer will you?

Spencer: fine

Peyton's Mum: you lot just go ahead i'll bring them

Me: thanks

Peyton: where's Sky?

Skylar: *snoring in the car*

Me: Skylar wake-up were here it's only twelve you don't have to sleep

Skylar: oh yay were here

Peyton's Mum: i'll help you set up everything ok so girls in one tent and boys in the other because I don't want any things between the boys and girls happening at night if you know what I mean

Me: you mean S-E-X

Spencer: S-E-X what does that spell?

Me: sex you dumbo

Cameron: eww

Jake: like that would ever happen

Me: Girls I say search the guys bags to see if there's any condoms

Jake: why on earth would we have them

Me: oh yeah then what's that thing hanging out ya backpack

All the girls started laughing I can't believe he brought them with him I mean no girl would want to have sex with him besides were too young.

Mum: kids you lot are to young to be talking about this now be quiet and unpack everything

Me: ok, Peyton help me

Cameron: i'll help ya

Me: thanks Cameron atleast someone is nice around here

Jake: we heard that

Me: you were supposed to that's why I said it out loud you doofus

Skylar: were all set

Peyton's Mum: should I leave now?

Me: NO!

All of the other kids: YES!

Me: but i'm scared of the dark

Peyton: stop being such a baby

Me: um exscuse me

Peyton's Mum: bye loves i'll see you in 5 weeks

All of us: bye

Peyton's Mum left and sped off. I saw the boys they had a playfull look on their faces.

Me: *whispered* Pey, Sky should we run

Peyton: i'm with ya Sista

Skylar: 1..2...3... run

We ran into our tent and the Boys were chasing us it was freaky, but we made it through and zipped the tent up from the inside.

Me: ha losers

Spencer: why do ya have to run in?

Me: well i'm never coming out this tent

Peyton: we have to eat food though

Me: well bring it in here for me

Peyton: guys i'm gonna unzip the tent and don't even start ok

All The Boys: ok

She unzipped the tent and they all came running in.

Me: stay from me you Pidgeons

Spencer: never

Jake: so what ya doing?

Cameron: did ya think you could get away with this?

They all squished me up into one corner. It was time for my loudest scream.

Me: *screams so loud*

Jake: whoa ok we'll leave you alone

Cameron: that was a little too pitchy

Spencer: whatever i'm just hungry

Peyton: here's some snacks people

Me: ooh yay

Jake: yeah you all go and eat, um Nikki I need to tell ya something

Me: if it's about S-E-X I don't wanna know

Jake: oh just forget it

Me: ok whatever let's just eat

Spencer: I want a Flapjack

Me: I want Crisps the Cheese & Onion ones

Jake: me too

We all sat around the campfire it was so warm.