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Homestuck Short Love Stories
Story published October 9, 2012 · updated 4 months ago · 60 pages · 2,003 readers · 17,256 reads
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You let out a heavy sigh and yelled to exactly no one, "This is boring!!" You were doing nothing.


Nothing but sitting around on your computer and daydreaming. You were practically about to throw a fit. There was no one to talk to to entertain you. You took another look at who was on. You paused when you saw Eridan. A grin played on your lips as you began trolling him.

(yourTrollianhandle [YT]) has begun trolling
caligulasAquarium [CA]

YT: 33333333333333333333333333333r11111111111111111111111111d444444444444444n!
CA: wwhat do you wwant
YT: w1ll y0u 3n73r741n m3?

CA: wwhy should i
CA: and wwhat if i dont wwant to
YT: 7h3n y0u'll m4k3 m3 cry.

CA: wwait please dont
YT: 700 l473.
CA: im sorry
CA: wwhat wwould make you feel better
YT: w3 5h0uld h4n9 0u7 500n.

CA: wwhat
CA: seriously
YT: y35!
YT: 5h0uld 1 c0m3 0v3r 0r w1ll y0u c0m3 0v3r h3r3?

CA: wwait i dont think i evver actually agreed
YT: d1d 700!
YT: pl3453 3r1d4n? 1 h4v3 n07h1n9 70 d0.

CA: fine i guess you can come ovver
CA: just be careful
CA: you knoww howw dangerous the sea is
YT: d0n7 w0rry 1 kn0w h0w 70 5w1m!

CA: youre funny
CA: but thats not wwhat im mainly concerned about
YT: wh473v3r! 1'll 83 0v3r 500n!

(yourTrollianhandle [YT])
has ceased trolling
caligulasAquarium [CA]

You jumped up and ran out of your hive. You were excited about getting to see Eridan. You didn't care how dangerous anything was in the sea, you thought that you would be perfectly safe with Eridan. You ran out to the shore and sat there, waiting for him.

A few minutes later, you saw Eridan poke his head out of the water. You smiled and waved, then ran into the water and swam over to him. "See!" you exclaimed. "I can swim!"

He smiled a bit. "I nevver actually doubted you, you knoww." You shrugged and swam out a little bit. He swam after you. You smiled and decided to turn this into a race. You took off swimming as fast as you could. Of course, him being a seadweller, he easily caught up to you and trapped you in his arms. Unlike many others who would punch him or push him away, you actually treasured the sensation of his arms around you. You felt your cheeks warm up a little. He whispered softly, "You knoww, wwith a single kiss, I can make you breathe under wwater for a feww minutes."

You looked at him and smiled teasingly, actually hoping to get a kiss from him. "Oh really?"

"Yes, really." He leaned in to kiss you, when suddenly you felt yourself yanked out of his grasp and dragged down under the water. You couldn't tell what had you--only that it was holding you by the ankle and wouldn't let you go. You tried to scream for Eridan, but only succeeded in letting out the remaining air that you had in your lungs. You saw a figure swimming towards you, but your vision was blurring, and then gone.

When you woke up, you were sprawled out on the sand, soaking wet. You felt a pair of soft lips against yours. You didn't try to push them away--you returned the pressure. Eridan pulled away quickly, looking surprised. "Y-you're awwake!" He looked very relieved.

You nodded a little. "What happened?"

"Wwell," he explained, "something grabbed you and pulled you dowwn. I guess you passed out. But clearly I did savve you."

You smiled. "Thanks. Any idea what it was?"

He shook his head. "No. I'm just glad you're okay."

You smiled a little and suddenly wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him towards you. Before he could even look surprised, you pressed your lips into his. He froze for a moment, hardly believing what was happening, then he returned the force. He put his hands on your waist. You ran your fingers through his hair--it was quite surprisingly soft. He licked your lower lip and you happily parted your lips for him. He slipped his tongue into your mouth and lightly explored. You purred softly as you slid your hands up through his hair and ran your fingers along his horns, feeling every single ridge and bump. He softly purred, then hardened the kiss.

Finally, he broke the kiss. You both were panting. You smiled a little and whispered, "I love you."

He looked surprised. "Wwhat?"

"I. Love. You."

He stared at you for a long moment, and for a moment you were afraid that he would deny you. You were about ready to jump up and run away, when he sudden said, "I lovve you, too."

You looked at him and smiled, hugging him around the neck. He wrapped his arms around your waist. When you pulled back from the hug, you said, "Wanna try going swimming again? I can sorta breathe under water now!"

He chuckled and nodded. You both jumped up and ran into the water and swam around for hours, occasionally kissing him to regain your ability to breathe under water.

Hope you're enjoying the stories!
This is as much as you currently get, at least until I get requests.