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The Daughter
Story published October 11, 2012 · updated December 30, 2012 · completed · 109 pages · 40,593 readers · 929,608 reads
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-Bailey's POV-

"What?!",I said. "Your going on the double date now hush child!",She said and put her hand on my forhead. I giggled. "Your weird",I said. She winked and went downstairs. I shook my head and followed behind her.

"Ready?",She asked. I nodded and ran out to her car. Im so happy, im getting this stupid thing off! She climbed in after me and took off.


I ran into the hospital. "Im getting this off",I said to the lady. She nodded and pressed a button. Just then, a doctor came out. He took one look at my hand and waved for me to follow.

We went into one of the rooms. "Now, lets get that off",He said and began to take it off.

He finally got it off and i squealed. "FREEDOM!",I yelled and ran out of the room. "I HAVE MY HAND BACK!",I yelled. I ran back out to Aria's car. "Your finally free",She said. I nodded and grinned.

She started up the car and started to drive to the mall.


"Lets go over there!",Aria cheered and dragged me into a store. She ran over to some clothes, while i just sat down. She threw me some clothes and i scurried in the dressing room to change.

I came out and cringed at my relfection. "Nope",I said and went to change.

Aria kept throwing clothes at me, until i found the right one.

"This one",I said and smiled. Aria took it and another thing for her and went to pay. I sighed. I could have payed.


We were currently home now, and she was doing my make-up and stuff. "Are you done?",I whined. She huffed. "Yes",She said. I smiled. We stood in the mirror and looked at our relfection.


"You ready?",She asked. I nodded and grabbed my phone. We walked downstairs and Harry smiled at us. "You look beautiful",He said. I smiled and hugged him.

"Bye",I waved and walked out. We hopped in Aria's car and drove somewhere.

We finally got there and i saw it was Nando's. "Can you tell me who my date is now?",I asked. "Well. You know him. He is very cute. Uhm, what else. You talked to him before",She said.

I groaned. "That doesnt really help",I said. "Just wait",She said.

We pushed open the doors of Nando's.

And stood there was

Tommy and Josh. Dear lord, help me.
'Would you believe me if I said
My dad is a famous popstar'