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30 Day Boyfriend (Justin Bieber)
Story published October 15, 2012 · updated November 26, 2012 · completed · 32 pages · 7,196 readers · 31,000 reads
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Very quickly, three weeks have passed... and it has all gone down to the last week of this whole thirty-day boyfriend thing.

Justin and I have grown close, very close, probably like, closer than Kayleigh and he were, because she's always complaining about us ditching her off and stuff, though, she always meant them in a joking manner.

And you know what's weird though? Justin hasn't tried anything funny on me. He didn't make any move, and I think it's because he wants to take things slow and stuff―and I don't really mind, to be honest. I just find it...interesting. And usually I get curious at stuff like that.

But I wasn't going to ask him, anyway.

It would turn out to be too darn awkward.

"Haaaaayleigh. Do you want your drink or do you want me to help you drink it?"

My eyes instantly snapped up and flew to meet a pair of glistening brown ones. Grinning sheepishly, I cautiously took over the glass of coke and shifted a little on the sand to make more space for him.

I like the way he look in beanies. He looks really cute in them.

Chuckling, he slowly sat himself down next to me and let out a loud sigh as the both of us sat there quietly, peacefully, just watching the scenery―watching the sun set. Well, I needn't have to say how beautiful it looks, right?

"Hayleigh?" Justin randomly called out after a long moment of silence. He didn't sound very happy...and that kind of made me feel curious and worried. I kept wondering about what was going on in his head as I averted my attention from the sunset to him.

"Yes?" I asked, obviously sounding uncertain because I don't know where this is going to lead to.

Lifting his hands to fix his beanie, he slowly dropped his gaze. There was nothing written in his eyes and that killed me. What was he thinking about? I was tempted to ask him what's wrong, but I didn't want to push him so I decided I would just wait.

"I don't think I can keep up with being your thirty-day boyfriend."

And then my heart broke into a million little pieces. What he had said stung me very, very hard. To be honest, I'd never expected him to say this, because he looked like he had fun with me all these time. Maybe it's just an act. Yeah, maybe he just didn't want to hurt me. I don't blame him.

Ignoring the tears springing to my eyes, I put on my best mask and again, was thankful I'd taken acting classes younger so I can hide my feelings well. Nodding my head, trying to seem understanding, "But there's a―"

"Yeah, I know there's another week left," he mumbled but more to himself, "but I just can't do this anymore..."

"For whatever reason it is, I totally understand. So hakuna matata, bro," I cheerfully said, giving him a pat on the back. The tears were threatening me to leave my eyes, but I wouldn't let them. Despite being oh-so happy on the outside, if Kayleigh was here she'd totally see past it and know I was slowly dying.

I'd expected myself to prepare this whole steady emotion only on the last day when we officially break up, but I guess I was wrong. It happened earlier. What can I do? Aha, but you know, we just have to take precautions.

Turning to me slowly, Justin sighed again. "Hayleigh...are you mad at me?"

Oh, wow, smooth going, Justin. Great five, typical words you've just said. However, I am not. I'm just... sad and hurt and disappointed. "No, I'm not. Because if I were you, honestly, I would've broken up with me after a week into this. You're strong," I grinned, internally thanking the sky for growing dark and having no lamp post near the place where we're seated at.

"Hayleigh... I'm sorry," he sincerely said, the sun's dark light reflecting off in his eyes. I shook my head quickly, my vision going blurry all over again. I cleared my throat. "I just―"

"No, it's okay! I mean it."

"I'm just really done being your fake boyfriend."

I froze.

What did he mean by that...? 

I mean, sure, there are many reasons to that one, simple sentence but only one reason sprang to my mind and that's the only thing I can think of. Seriously.

Still shocked by his words, I watched as he slowly turned to me, a small smile forming on his face. "I can't be your fake boyfriend anymore. Last night I was in bed... I was thinking about my life, and your face just kept appearing in my head and I can't keep you out no matter what I did. So I thought about us. This year is coming to an end...soon. And before it officially ends, I thought of a goal. Just one."

I blinked once.

My heart wasn't dead anymore. It was alive; it was pumping so quickly; I didn't feel sad or anything anymore. I was just... I can't even begin to explain how or what I'm feeling. But it's strong, that's for sure.

I waited for him to go on, as the tears in my eyes slowly disappeared, clearing my vision.

"Will you be my official girlfriend, Hayleigh?"

And then as though the whole world had stopped, I grinned at him and watched as he chewed on his lower lip, looking like he was trying to hide a smile. And I have never felt so happy in my life.

"Yes!" I exclaimed unintentionally, feeling my cheeks heat up from embarrassment before being pulled into a tight hug. "I mean, uh, I meant yeah. Okay, Justin."

"Thank you," he whispered into my ear, letting out a soft chuckle after, making me laugh a little. "You kinda just made my life."

Pulling away, he kept his hands around my waist and swiftly pulled me onto his lap. I tilted my head and stared at his eyes. I have always liked doing it. I just liked his eyes so much. They were really pretty. 

Chuckling, he licked his lips once. "Now I feel better doing this."

"Doing wha―" he cut me off by pressing his soft lips onto mine.

And I promised myself to remember this day forever.

Because it's one of the best days of my life. 
30 days is enough for a technically staged relationship, right?