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Id kill for you - A Carl Grimes love story (the walking dead
Story published October 17, 2012 · updated March 11, 2013 · 165 pages · 7,965 readers · 185,031 reads
chapter 8
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Chapter 8

Carl's P.O.V

I kissed her cheek and pretended I was asleep. Why? I shouldn't have wussied out. I shouldv'e just kissed her. I lay there thinking how stupid that was. I get up and put a blanket over the bars and change into something more comfortable. I lift up my  shirt revealing when I got shot. So many memories flow through my mind. Otis. The farm house. That frickin awesome deer. I try to stop thinking of the farm house because not all memories were good. Sophia. STOP. Dale. STOP. Shane. I fall to the ground on my knees and I almost start crying. We have lost so many people but I couldn't bare the fact Dale was my fault. If only I shot that walker Dale would still be alive. I couldn't help but wonder about Andrea. Is she still alive? Did she get away? Or is she dead and a walker? I pace around my room with puzzling thoughts in my head. Should I go over and talk to Jay? Or is she asleep? I lay down and try to sleep myself. It's hard to sleep in a room that murders, molesters, theives have already slept in. Walkers. There could be walkers in the prison still. I reject that thought. I accept the fact that there will always be walkers. And there is nothing we can do about it. I accept that we have lost members to the walkers. And I accept that I may not live to see my 14th birthday. but I will not accept giving up. I will not give up on my mom or dad. Or jay or Beth. Or anyone else. I sneak out of my cell and out of the prison. I walk around outside. Gun in my hand and knife in my pocket. I just needed some fresh air. I walk back in before I get into trouble. Becasue it seems like everytime I go outside thats all I get into. I walk past Jays cell and I hear soft crying. "Jay" I whisper as I open the door. "What." She says lifting her head from her lap and carol looks at me. "We were just talking. She asked me to talk to her so she could get things off her mind." Carol said looking back at jay and strokes her hair. Why didn't she ask me to talk? Was it beacuse Carol lost sophia and Jay lost her mom? Will Carol try to be Jays "back-up" mom? "What are you guys talking about?" I asked coming in and sitting in front of Jay. "Nothing yet, she just started crying." Carol said still stroking jays hair. "I wanted to cry before I told how My parents died." Jay said wiping her eyes. "Well, we were in Atlanta, before it all happend. My dad was sent there for a business trip so my mom, my sisters, and me went too. We've never been on vacation so my mom pretended it was." She said smiling for a breif second. "It was her birthday while we were down there, so my dad bought her a Welcome to Atlanta shirt. I bought her a little golden locket from a antique store. She put my picture and my sisters picture in it. That night, the night of her birthday, is when the plaige happend. She went outside of our motel to talk to one of her friends. We heard a scream, and when we went out there a walker was-was-" she started crying again and Carol comforted her. "She was being eatin in the stomach by a walker. My dad killed the walker then we left. We left my mom though. We didn't know what to do." she said wiping her eyes. She didn't kill her mom? Her mom could be a walker. "Did you not kill your mom, like in the brain?" I asked. "No, why." She asked looking at me. "Because she could b-." I said as Carol cut me off. "Let's not go there Carl." she said hugging Jay. "Because she could be  a what Carl, because she be a Walker? Yeah I know I already hed this lecture by my old group." She said cuddling up to Carol, still crying. "What do you mean old group?" carol asked Jay. "My old group, well the sorta kindapped me, 1 of my sisters and my dad, after my unlce mom and my other sister died." jay said. Her old group, kidnapped. Her. 1 of her sisters. and her dad. Flashbacks of randel and what Daryl ssaid to the group at the farn=mhouse about randels old group came back. "How many people were in your old group." I ask looking at Carol who seems to have the same thoughts.  "I don't know about 30. they killed my dad and they raped me and my sister, but they didn't kill us, my sister ws killed by walkers." She said. I have to tell Daryl and the others so they could hear for themselfs. "Was one of the members of the group named...Randel?" Carol asked as I left the room. I ran to Daryl's ledge. "Daryl, Daryl, wake up." I said slightly shaking his arm. "What do you want?" He asked moving his arm. "It's about Jay, shes one of the girls that Randel's group rapped." I said. I'm not sure what he will do, but I'm going to protect her. "What did you say!" He said getting up. "Shes one of the girls Randel's group raped, they killed her dad and let her and her sister go, her sister was killed by walkers." I said as Daryl got up and ran to Jay's cell. "Do you know Randel?" Daryl asked Jay. She nodded then showed him her wrists. They had markings from rope. Daryl hugged Jay and so did Carol. "Randel, he was the one that grabbed me and my dad and my sisters at my camp." she said choking up. "And they let you go?" Carol asked. "No, they killed my dad, then they thought me and 1 of my sisters was dead. They beat us with only an inch of our life. Then we heard as they left that they said to the others that they killed us so they wouldn't come after us." She said. "Good. I don't want them coming after us." Daryl said patted Jay's back  then walked out. I could already tell...Daryl is going to be SO overprotective!