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Id kill for you - A Carl Grimes love story (the walking dead
Story published October 17, 2012 · updated March 11, 2013 · 165 pages · 7,963 readers · 184,943 reads
Chapter 21
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Chapter 21

Jay's P.O.V

"Beth? Maggie?" I asked opening beth's cell door. "Yeah." Beth said and maggie looked at me. They were looking at the wedding dress. "Carl, wants to go on a "date". wich would kind of just be like everynight, we have dinner in his cell." I said and Beth gestures me to sit down and laughs. "You guys always see it as "regular dinner" everynight because the thoughts of being together are not there. On a date they are, Your thinking about how cute he looks while talking, you worry about your makeup smearing, well, you would worry about that if you had makeup. You make yourself look nicer then you normaly would for "regular dinner". Me and Maggie will help you." She says as the 3 of us stand up and go upstairs. We go into my cell and we look at all my outfit choices. "First, we need to know what he's wearing, because you don't want to be over dressed." Maggie said. "Well, I can say right now, it won't be fancy, he toke my brothers clothes." I said. "You need to know where your going. In this situation, the cafeteria." Beth said. This is all weird. It's during a apacolypse and I'm going on a date to a dirty prison cafeteria. After 30 minutes of deciding I pick out what to wear and Beth and Maggie do my hair with the few rubber bands and clips that I grabbed. Daryl came in. "Carl asked for advice and I helped, So, what can I do to help you." Daryl asked. "Normally on a date, the boy meets the dad. Since, her dad is not here, you have to meet the boy." Beth said. "Iv'e lived with the boy for almost 10 months. I know him." Daryl said sitting. "Ok, then i don't know." Maggie said. "Now shoo, we are busy." Beth said smiling. "Why are you guys doing this anyways, it's just everyday dinner." I said shrugging. "This is your 1st date. Zombies or not. The 1st date is always important so we will make this 1st date worth it. Now we don't have hairspray so, this is as best as I can do limited." Maggie said finishing my hair. We waited for Carl.. "Really, those shoes?" Beth asked. "Yeah, i need something I can run in, and i just grabbed. I was more concerned about grabing things that are light." I said and they smiled.  Now we just have to wait. "Uh, Jay?" Carl said opening the door. "Hi." I said walking out followed by Beth and Maggie who giggled walking past us. "Cell or cafeteria?" Carl asked. "Cell." I said. Just like everyday. Grabbing these shoes and dress was a waste of time and I couldv'e grabbed something else that I would use more then once. "You look really pretty. I would have dressed fancy too, but your brother didn't have fancy clothes." He said. "I know, I was going to wear shorts and a T-shirt like always, but Beth and Maggie helped me." I said. He was wearing what my brother normally wore, so this was a bit awkward. "Sorry I couldn't take you on a real date." He said. "It's not your fault." I said. We ate corn and whatever meat Daryl cought today, like always. Our odd little date lasted about 30 minutes.