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Id kill for you - A Carl Grimes love story (the walking dead
Story published October 17, 2012 · updated March 11, 2013 · 165 pages · 7,963 readers · 184,942 reads
Chapter 25
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Chapter 25

Jay's P.O.V

We laid there. Looking into eachothers eyes. Mesmorized. "Your a good kisser. How many boys have you kissed?" Carl asked rubbing my hand. "Not that many. How many girls have you kissed?" I asked. "Just you. And you will be the only one." He said smiling. "Good. I like your kisses." I said as he kissed my hand. He slid his hand under my chin and kissed my lips. We kissed again. My eyes were closed but I wanted to know if his were. I peeked a little and I saw him. Shirtless, eyes closed, and slowly getting on top of me. I quickly broke from the kiss as his body was on top of mine. "I can't, not now." I said almost crying. I ran out of the cell. I started running to the hidden stairs that I found a couple days ago. Quickly opening the door and running up the stairs I bursted on the roof. I fell to my knees. Crying into my shaking hands. Memories of the men who raped me a couple months ago flooded back. They left me in the woods barely breathing. My sister, the one who was raped also, she got pregnant from it. But she miscarriged and the baby killed her. It was hard killing both of them. I wipe my eyes and curl up to my knees. I hear someone open the door. Thought I only knew about this. "Sorry, I didn't me-." Carl said as I cut him off. "Not your fault. We are so young. Why now." I said wiping my nose on the inside of my shirt. "I don't think we have much time." He said sitting beside me. "Is that why you have cared for me so much. Is that you don't want to die a virgin?" I asked. "No, Jay I lo-" He started. "Don't say you love me. If I wasn't here you would be the same with Beth. You havn't even asked me to be your girlfriend and your already trying to get in my panties." I say standing up. "I'm not trying to do that." He said grabbing my wrist. "Then why did you try to get on top of me. Why did you start kissing me right after my uncle threw you off of me. He wouldv'e killed you if he walked in on us then." I said sitting back down. "I thought you liked me too." He said looking away. "I do." I said turning his head back to looking at me. "But making out, and, and sex, isn't the only way to show someone that you love them." I said holding his hand. "I'm sorry." He said. I hugged him. "I'm sorry. I over-reacted. It's just that, memories, from when I was raped, came back. Thats why I ran off." I said breaking from the hug. "If we ever find who did that to you. I'll kill them." He said as I put my head on his bare chest. "We can, do, it. Tommorow, so we will both be 14." I said looking up at him. "Not if you don't want to." He said wiping the stray tears from my eyes. "We don't have much time. We kind of have to grow up fast." I said snuggling up to him. He wrapped his arms and legs around me. "Instead of 14 i feel like I'm 20. That's how everyone wants me to act." He said putting his head on mine. "I feel the same." I said. "I have a question. I shouldv'e asked you this way earlier but I just thought." He started to say. "Get to the point." I smiled. "Will you be my girlfriend." He asked. I chuckled. "Of course" I said stretching to reach his mouth and softly kissing it. "I love you." He said. "Promise?" I asked