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One Direction Imagines
Story published October 18, 2012 · updated November 25, 2012 · 34 pages · 43,761 readers · 197,702 reads
Zayn Imagine #1
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Zayn Imagine #1

You were running down the street. Getting your exercise on. You have been running for the past 30 minutes when you run into this guy. Both of you end up on the ground. Laughing so hard you both get up. You look in his eyes. “Hi I’m (Y/N).”  You say putting your hand out for him to shake it.  He just looks at it. “I’m Zayn.” He says pulling you into a hug. “Sorry love I don’t shake hands with pretty girls, I hug them.” He says. You give him a confused look. “You think I’m pretty?” You say blushing. He nods his head. You hear people running up behind you and Zayn. “Zayn, you can’t leave us like that ok.” Three beautiful boys said.  “Oh who is this Zayn?” The curly one said winking at you which caused you to blush. “Hazza back off. That’s (Y/N)” He said getting very defensive. “Is she the reason why you took off so fast leaving us?” The blonde one said. “Oh by the way I’m Niall” He said pulling you in for a hug. “Hi” You said. “Oh yeah I’m Harry and that is Louis” Harry said pointing to Louis. You smiled as they also pulled you in for a hug. You giggled. “Hey would you like to come over later and just chill” Louis says with puppy dog eyes.  You sigh “Sure why not.” You said. Zayn handed you a piece of paper with his number. You ran back to your flat and took a shower.

It was taking you a while to find something fancy so you just put this on
[polyvore]   nothing too fancy but something to make a statement. You decide to text Zayn and get the address. Once you got the address you got in your car and drive to his house. It is spectacular and you love it. You knock on the door. A nicely dressed Harry answers the door. “Well hello gorgeous, you don’t look like the same pretty girl that was running with my best mate.” He says flashing you a cheeky smile. You can’t help but blush. You walk inside past him smiling. “Oh Ello love!” Louis shouts making you jump a little. “Hey Louis.” You say. “Please darling call me Lou.” He said winking. You winked back. “Hey you don’t know me but I’m Liam.” He said flashing you a smile. Where have I heard these names before? You think to yourself. “OH MY ONE DIRECTION!” You shout making the boys jump. “Sorry, It just took me a while to figure out who you guys are.” You say very embarrassed. Zayn walks down the stairs right as you finish shouting. “Yup we are.” He said rolling his eyes. “Sorry, I’m not a crazy fangirl.” You say putting your head down. “Love that’s what I like about you.” He says. Did Zayn Malik just say he likes me? You think to yourself again. You blush again. “Did you just say you like me?” You ask. He comes and stands right in front of out and nods his head. “Hey guys Zayn Malik from One Direction Likes me!” You say turning your head and looking at the other boys. They laughed and so did you. Zayn rolled his eyes once more. “Just kiss me fool.” You say. You and Zayn pulled in for the most passionate kiss you ever had. Once you pulled away you hear the boys cheering. “It’s about time; He couldn't stop talking about you since we left you earlier.” Niall says with a face full of food. This caused you to laugh uncontrollably. Zayn tapped you chin. “So would you do me the honor and become my girlfriend?” He said. You stared into his hazel orbs. “Zayn Malik I would love to be your girlfriend,” You say. You guys pulled into another hug. “By the way  (Y/N) You look really beautiful today.” He said. “OH YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE!” The boys yelled. “I know.” You said kissing Zayn’s nose.    
(A/N) I hope you liked it. Plus check out my fanfic here ----> Bullied and loved.Thanks loves.  xx