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One Direction Imagines
Story published October 18, 2012 · updated November 25, 2012 · 34 pages · 42,928 readers · 195,061 reads
Liam Imagine #1
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Liam Imagine #1

You have recently started dating your best friend Liam Payne. Dating a celebrity isn’t so easy and you have learned this the hard way. Every day you receive loads of hate. People calling you ugly, worthless, saying that Liam deserves someone better. They called you all kinds of names that just aren’t necessary. You ignored it for the most part at first but now it is getting to you. You don’t want things to end with Liam and you don’t want to lose him but it seems like that is where your relationship is going. Just so you can stop all of the hate you are getting. One day you and Liam are having a day in the flat watching films you look at your phone and the people on twitter are nonstop saying mean things about you. So you decide to tell him it’s over.  “Li I need to tell you something.” You say not looking at him. “Sure darling what is it?” He asks looking directly at you. “I think it’s time we see other people” You say quickly and close to tears. “B-but w-why?” He asks. You look up at him with tears in your eyes and his eyes; your heart melts. “Because of this” You say showing him your phone with all of the hate from the people on twitter. “I can fix this, I will make everything better I promise, and if I can’t then if you want to we can break up.” Liam says closing his eyes trying not to let a tear escape his eyes. “Ok Li I believe you, please make it stop.” You say crying into his chest. “I will babe, I will.” Liam says kissing your head. “But babe how will you stop it all?” You asked. He didn’t answer you, he silently took his phone out and I guess started tweeting. “Is this better?” Liam says showing you his phone. The tweet says, “Look leave my beautiful girlfriend alone. I love her and she makes me happy and when I’m happy you guys should be too. @(y/t/n) I love you baby.”
That tweet brought tears to your eyes. “It should do the trick.” You say relaxing you head on his shoulder. “Good.” Liam says as you guys finish watching the movies.
                                                      *Three Days later*
It seems if Liam’s comment meant nothing to those people! You were sitting on that bathroom floor crying, thinking about the conversation you will have with Liam later.  He is working at the studio so you have a little time to think about it. He will be back anytime now. “Ok Liam, I love you but this is not working. The hate hasn’t stopped at all. I’m sorry. I think it is best if I get out of the picture.” You say out loud into the mirror. “What?” Liam says standing at the door. Tears flood out of your eyes. “Li, I can’t do it. I love you so much but I don’t want the hate to keep coming. I have to leave.” You say crying into his chest. He hugged you and patted you back. “I understand (Y/N). Please don’t forget about me.” He says. You can tell that he is about to break because of the way he said it. “I won’t I promise.” You say kissing his hands. You take some clothes and pack it and leave to your mum’s house. You get to your mum’s house and you cry right there into your mother’s arms. “Mummy I love him so much but the haters are just too much.” You say. “I know baby girl. Stop crying, you can work through this.” Your mum says. “Ok” You say getting up and walking to your room. You plug in your phone and fall asleep.
                                                    * 2 hours later*
You check your phone and in your mention it’s a tweet from Zayn.
“Look Liam misses you a lot, please come to the house and see him” You sighed at the tweet. You kept scrolling through your mentions and then you see a tweet from Liam. “Oh God what could this be?” You think to yourself. You read the tweet. “It sucks that the hate of people could drive me and @y/t/n) apart. I hope you guys are happy. My heart was ripped out of my chest and shattered into pieces.”  The tweet brings tears to your eyes. You call Zayn. “Hey Zayn, I’m on my way over there. I can’t let Liam go because of stupid people.” You say into the phone. “Good, I can’t comfort him anymore.” He says. You laugh and hang up the phone. You run out of the house and get into your car. You get to Liam’s house in about 3 minutes. You knock on the door and Zayn opens it. You pus past him and Liam is nowhere to be found “Zayn where is he?” You say frantically “Calm down he is in the backyard with Niall.” He says. “AAARRUGHHH!!” You grunt and run to the backyard. “LIAM JAMES PAYNE I LOVE YOU!” You say in a whisper walking outside. You walk through the door and see Liam and Niall sitting on the patio. Liam crying and Niall trying to sooth him. Liam’s head was down. “Niall I got this.” You say, he nodded and walked away. “Niall I love her so much. I wish I could stop all of the hate I really do.” He cries into his hands. “I love you.” You say in a low whisper. “What was that Ni—“ He looks up and stops in the middle of his sentence. You stood there and smiled. “I love you Li.” You say. “I love you too!” Liam shouts, gets up and hugs you. It looks like something off a movie. “Awe see Liam, She loves you!” Niall and Zayn shout. You blush. “I love you Payne.” You say not letting Liam go. “I love you too. (Y/L/N)” He says kissing you.
(A/N) I hope you liked it. Plus check out my fanfic here ----> Bullied and loved.Thanks loves.  xx