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Black butler crack
Story published October 18, 2012 · updated 3 months ago · 8 pages · 162 readers · 646 reads
truth or dare~
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Truth or dare~

I was sitting there bored,ciel was playing chess with ada,sebastian was just standing there emotionless,while the 3 servents was working."OMFG this is boring!" i said out loud,"you think we don't feel the same" ciel said emotionless. "lets play truth or dare" i said smirking,"whats that" ciel asked, "will its a game that if you pick dare you have to do what the person tells you to,it you pick truth you have to answer the truth" i said.  They agreed, "ok meyrin truth or dare" i said crossing my legs. "dare!" she said with bravary, "ok i dare you to wear ada's most revaling outfit" i said smirking. Ada got up and run to her room to get her outfit, she came back and everyone except me and sebastian, was shocked. has scanty's outfit, the one with green hair) 

Meyrin blushed a deep red and went to change, ada went and sat by sebastian as he began playing with her tail.  She came back and was blushing red, "you look hot" i said smirking. "true or dare" meyrin said smirking and wanting me to chose dare. "truth" i said on purpose to make her feel mad, "are you still a virgin" she asked,"yes,yes i am" i said a little shocked at the question. "ok sebastian truth or dare" i asked, "truth" he said,"did you ever you know with ada" i said as a smirk went on my face. "yes" he said without a problem, then ada started blushing and buried her face in his arm. "truth or dare" he asked ada making his creepy rape face,"truth" she said blushing,"do you love me?" he said with that creepy face,"yes...." she said back then sebastian kissed her. "if your going to do that take it to a room" ciel said disgusted, "shall we?" he said smirking carrying her bridal style. "ciel truth or dare" i said crossing my arms smirking, "truth" he said,"really?! you too chicken to say dare" i said sticking my tounge out, "fine dare!" ciel said annoyed, "ok i dare you to go ask sebby if he likes it rough" i said smiling,ciel blushed and got up walked away pissed. He came back and put his face in the pillow. Then alois came through the doors,"i can't belive you didn't invite me!" he said mad then turned happy, "truth or dare danielle?" he asked me ,"dare" i said smirking. "i dare you to lick finny's ear" he said smirking,my smirk turned to a shocked expression, "wha??!!" i yelled out, "you heard me" he said smiling. I walked up behide finny and licked his ear, he shuddered. I sat down and crossed my arms,"now you see how i feel" ciel said still holding the pillow.  "now ask me!" alois said excited,"truth or dare" i said, "dare!" he said happily. "i dare you to swich clothes with claude" i said smirking, "lets go claude!" he said walking to the bathroom. 5 minutes later they came back, i bursted out laughing, so did ciel, claude did not look happy.  


"claude let me go!" i yelled as claude dragged my leg and pulled me outside. "i never saw this side of claude before" alois said enjoying the whole thing. "IM SORRY!" i said as i was running away from claude as he was chasing me with his gold knifes, "sorry isn't good enongh!" he said pissed.

I do not own black butler only my oc's