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The Caring (Edmund Pevensie Love Story) *Narnia Fan Fiction*
Story published October 18, 2012 · updated February 1, 2013 · completed · 26 pages · 2,433 readers · 24,274 reads
The Asamble
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The Asamble

Edmund's POV

She forgave me! Yes! :D Now I just need to earn her trust again... Now, how do I do that?

Leyla's POV

I walked to the rest of the Pevensies, I sat with them. Then Edmund came too. We started eating toasts. Edmund was eating really fast

Lucy: Narnia is not going to run out of toasts

We laughed and Edmund smiled, his smile was so cute... NO! Stop it, Leyla!

Peter: Maybe they can give you some for the trip

Susan: We're going back?

No. They can't go back. They have to help

Peter: You are

Lucy: But what about Narnia?

Peter: It's too dangerous. Lucy almost drowned. Edmund almost died. You also almost got killed by wolves...

Edmund: That's why we have to stay *we looked at him and he looked to the floor* I've seen what the White Witch can do. And I helped her to do it. I won't let them die for my mistakes

Susan: Then it's settled

She stood up

Peter: Where are you going?

Susan: To practise my archery

Lucy quickly stood up and followed her. I smiled at them. Then I turned to the boys

Me: So. Who wants to practice sword fighting? Or maybe I can teach you how to ride a horse

Peter: Or maybe you can sing another cheesy song for Edmund

Edmund blushed and I glared at Peter. My necklace turning a dark pink, which means I'm nervours but also a little angry

Peter: How to ride a horse it is

He said after a while, realizing my glares

We stood up and I gave a unicorn to Peter and a horse to Edmund

I taught them a little. I wasn't riding anything. Suddenly Edmund's horse neighed standing in 2 paws

Edmund: Whoa. Easy boy

Horse: My name is Philip

Edmund: Oh. Sorry

I giggled at Edmund's shocked face. Edmund noticed and guided Philip to me, he had a smirk in his face

Edmund: Laughing at a tenderfoot, Princess Leyla?

Me: What can I say? You're funny

Edmund: Hey!

Mr. Beaver: Princess! Princess!

Me: What is it?

Mr. Beaver: The White Witch has asked for an asamble with Aslan. She's on her way!

Me: I'll go talk to Aslan

I ran to Aslan's tent, Aslan was outside and told me to enter with him

Me: What are you going to do?

Aslan: I can't deny an asamble. It would be a wrong example for the future kings and queens

Me: But this can actually be an oportunity to kill her

Aslan: No, Leyla. It's an Asamble that I accorded to. There won't be a fight

Me: *sigh* Alright

Aslan: You should change to appropiated clothes. You will be part of the asamble

Me: Can I use magic for it?

Aslan nooded. I closed my eyes and focused on my Princess dress, shoes and tiara: (hair)

Aslan: Just in time, little one. The White Witch has arrived.

I sighed and followed Aslan outside the tent. The crows was already around. The White Witch was being carried, she was about a yard away from us. I looked and found the Pevensies staring at me. They'd never seen me this... um... heeled before. I saw Edmund mouth hang open. I smiled to myslef and blushed a little looking to the ground. Then I shook my head and concentrated in the White Witch. She stopped infront of Aslan. She hasn't notice me

White Witch: You have a traitor in your crowd

Aslan: His fault was not against you

White Witch: Have you forgotten the rules? Every traitor belongs to me. Then you know the boy's blood is mine

Peter: The try to take it *he said drewing his sword to the Witch

White Witch: If I don't have waht belongs to me, Narnia will burn in water and fire.

Aslan: Don't recit the rules of magic to me, Witch! I was there when they were written

White Witch: Then give me the boy. Perhaps, I should end this now

She aimed her magic stick to Edmund. Peter was on his side and I didn't one either of then to be turned to stone. I saw a flash of light shot to Ed. I ran and pushed him to a side. The light hit me and dragged me some inches back. I stayed in my place, holding my stomach, where the light hit me. I began turning to stone. I could hear Lucy's and Edmund's voices calling my name, along with some gasps of the Narnians. I slowly took the spell out of my body, the light was now a ball in my hand and I was no longer turning to stone. I took the ball of light and threw it to the sky, where it exploded to millions of snowflakes. Jadis (the White Witch) was looking at me in awe, as long as the rest of the Narnias, everone except Aslan

Jadis: Leyla *shocked*

Me: Jadis *monotone tone*

Jadis: Long time no see. You are younger

Me: And you are older

I heard a chorus of 'oooh's

Aslan: Witch! We may talk in privite. Princess Leyla, you may come along

Aslan walked to the tent and Jadis went too. I turned to Edmund

Me: Are you alright?

Edmund: Me!? What about you!? you received the spell for me!

Me: I'm less important in this war and you are. Also, I have my magic with me *I said as it was nothing*

Edmund: Thanks

Me: Anytime, I must go now

I said and went to the tent. Jadis and Aslan were there

Jadis: Talking to you boyfriend?

Me: Don't you dare to joke with me as if we were still friends. I stopped being friends with you when you killed my parents and tried to kill me

Jadis: I only took what I deserved

Me: You took what was mine!... I really loved you like a sister, what happened to you? *I asked softly*

Jadis: I grew up. Something you never did *she said with venom in her voice. Then she turned to Aslan* I want the boy's blood. He belongs to me

Aslan: There must be an agreement for you to renounce his blood

Jadis: It is. Your surrender, Narnia, and the full of my powers

Aslan: I would never give that to you. There must be something else. Maybe in the book of deep magic

Jadis: I. Want. That. Boy

Me: Why are you obsesed with that?

Jadis: At the beginning I wasn't. But I noticed you worry about him, so I want him to make you suffer

Me: Well, you won't harm him- any of my friends while I'm here

Aslan: I have an offer for you, White Witch

Jadis: And what would it be?

Aslan: Take MY blood instead of the son's of Adam

Me: What?! No! We need you!

Jadis: *though clenched theet* You know I can't refuse sacrifice. *sigh angrily* I guess it's a deal

Me: No! No! Alsan, we need you

Aslan: You will manage without me

He gave me the 'I-have-a-plan' and the 'I'll-explain-it-to-you-later' looks

Jadis: Then, I guess it's a deal. BUT I want the vow

Aslan: Leyla, would you?

Me: yes...

Jadis took one of Aslan's paw and I did the vow for them

Aslan: I promise to sacrifice myself instead of the Son of Adam, Edmund

Jadis: I accept the deal you offered

It was done. Aslan had to die. I finished the Vow Spell. Jadis walked outside angrily, Aslna and I followed

Aslan: She has renounce to the son's of Adam blood!

The crowd cheered and the Pevensies hugged

Jadis: How do I know you'll keep your promise?

Gezz, I already did the vow spell, and now she wants more proves?! I was angry. I aimed the palm of my hand to her

Me: I PROMISE if you don't go, I will burn you right here and now!

Then Aslan roared. Jadis sat quickly in his 'throne' with fear. The narnias laughed and cheered. Aslan turned to me

Aslan: Don't tell anyone about the sacrifice, they will try to stop it, and Narnia will burn in water and fire

Me: Can I go with you?

Aslan: I don't trust the White Witch, she will kill you when I die

Me: You should've let me do that

Aslan: No, the Pevensies care too much of you like to do that. Just remember. Trust ub your instincst, Peter will lead you all

Me: *nood*

Aslan started walking away

Me: Where are you going?

Aslan: I want to have a last walk, I prefer to be alone, though

Me: I understand, I'll miss you

I hugged him

Aslan: Keep practicing your powers. And maybe you should read the rules of deep magic. The rule number 19 is... entertaining *he winked at me*

I titled my head a little, but nooded, then he walked away. Rule 19, huh?

No one had heard us, they were cheering loud. I walked to the Pevensies, I smiled at their enthusiasm. I hugged Edmund, throwing my arms around his neck, his arms around my waist. I was about to pull apart but he was still holding, I headr Lucy and Susan giggling.

Me: Um, Ed

Edmund: Yeah?

Me: You can let go now

Edmund: Oh, right

We pulled apart and he was blushing

Lucy: Where did Aslan go?

Me: Um, he said he was going for a walk. What if we return for some more training?

Peter and Susan: I'm in

Edmund: I guess I'm in too

Lucy: *sigh* Alright

Me: Great! Follow me
I'm not in love, I'm not in love. Oh, who do I think I'm kidding? I totally love him, maybe too much...
I hope you enjoy it. Comment what you think.
Love,  Leila