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Severus in the lead
Story published October 22, 2012 · updated August 13, 2013 · 58 pages · 684 readers · 6,993 reads
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this one shot is made for Ximmy
Ximmy Lockhart
Daughter off Gilderoy Lockhart
Looks like a girl version of her father
Is in Gryffindor
In love with Severus, her teacher
Patronus is a peacock
- Vain
- Nice
- Concrete


Ximmy was sitting in the back of the potionsroom. She sighed as she was looking at professor Snape, the man she likes. She didn't even know if he knows that she exist. Ximmy let her face resting on her hands as she took a deep breath. She wanted him to notice her, to know who she is. She wasn't going to wait for it, she was going to make sure he did. A grin came on her face as she thought over what she needed to do for him to notice her. She stood up and walked out off his class while Severus frowned as she did. At least he had looked at her now, but that wasn't enough, not even close. She was sure that he would give her detention and that was were her plan would start.
She walked into her dorm and looked trough all her clothes, hoping to find the perfect one. Ximmy had heared from Fred and George that most of the time you needed to clean in Snapes detention. So something short was good. She didn't want to look like a slut or something, but she just needed to look perfect. She wanted him to look at her. She was vain, so she stood infront of the mirror fixing her make-up before walking to the black lake. She knew that it wouldn't take long before Snape would go looking for her to give her detention. A grin came on her face as she heared footsteps comming closer. 'Miss Lockhart?' a voice said behind her. The voice she adored, the one she wanted to say her name, her first name.  Ximmy turned around with a beautifull smile on her face. 'Yes, professor?' Snape raised his eyebrow at her. What was with this girl? No one ever smiled at him like that. Why would she? He was a bit startled, but didn't show it. 'You have earned yourself a detention by walking out off my lesson' Ximmy just nodded while her eyes were shining. 'When will i be seeing you, sir?' She asked him in her sweet voice. Once again Snape didn't know what to think. Why would she wanted to see him? Why didn't she just growl at him, that made it much easier for him. This made it all diffecult, because he kind of liked it that she wanted to see him. He observed her a bit. Her beautifull smile, her perfect skin and her bright eyes and perfect hair. She dind't look fake like her father, but she looked like him. 'After diner' He answered as he reminded himself that he needed to answere her question. Severus turned around and walked away, a bit confused by what just happened while Ximmy just stood up with a smile. She needed to get ready for her detention.

Here she was sitting in her detention. Once again. Ximmy had made a cheek comment to Severus when she was in her first detention, one detenition wasn't enough for her. Now she knew that she didn't just like him, but she had fallen in love with him. She had made a perfect cheek comment, one that was kind of rude, but one he also needed to laugh about. Also Severus had caught himself falling in love with her. With her personality, with the way she moved and the way she looked. He loved it all. He didn't even hate her cheek comments, but he just had to give her detention for it. He couldn't let a Gryffindor get away with it. But he also liked it when she came for her detention. Sometimes they would just talk and laugh a bit, yes Ximmy was the one to made Severus laugh.
This detention Ximmy was hoping to make her move. She didn't want to be in this situation forever, she wanted to be his. She confedent walked trought the halls in a dress, a dark blue one, it hugged her curves and made her eyes even a more beautifull blue. But the dress wasn't to much, to fancy, not for her doing. Ximmy took a deep breath before knocking on the door. 'Enter' Said the voice she had grown to love. His voice. With a smiles he opened the door and was greated by Severus who was smiling as well. 'What will i be doing for detention tonight sir?' She asked him as she walked over to him and sat on his desk. Severus smirked as she did. Normally he wouldn't accept from anyone to sit on his desk, but from her he could. 'You will help me to make a potion for madam Pomfrey'  Ximmy nodded as she looked at the instructions on the board and grabbed all whas she needed. Severus was watching her as she added the ingrediënts. At some point she added almost two doxy eggs, but Severus stopped her. He placed his hand over hers as he putted one egg away. 'It is better as we only add one and add an extra boomslang skin' Ximmy blushed as his hands touched hers and his arms were around her. Ximmy nodded bus slowely turned around to see how close they were. She coudl feel his hot breath on her skin. She closed her eyes as he started to lean in. Their lips touched and she brought her hands around his neck while Severus hands were around her waist pulling her closer to him. Now she was sure, he knew that she existed and she gladly got more than she wanted at the start.