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Groupie Love (MGK & Yelawolf Love Story)
Story published October 27, 2012 · updated January 1, 2013 · 2 pages · 373 readers · 1,172 reads
The Big Bad Wolf
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The Big Bad Wolf

Morgan`s P.O.V.

Me: Yea
Wolf: Right, *Grabs my hand*
Me: So like why did you want to talk to me
Wolf: Well seeing how you were about to kill my security staff
Me: Seeing how your security staff was acting all tough, I was abou-

I was rudely interrupted but Wolf`s laughing

Me: What is so funny
Wolf: Your not a fighter, your sister is
Me: What, why would you think that
Wolf: Dude I seen the way you froze when your sister got in your way
Me: Well I do fight
Wolf: I fight to

He did this thing where he lifted up his eyebrow
It was a mixture of being flirtatious yet mysterious

Wolf: I fight in many ways I fight for love, I fight for perfection, and I fight out of lust
Me: Haha *Nervous Laugh* What? *Stumbles Onto Couch*
Wolf: Why are you scared
Me: I`m not scared, it`s just
Wolf: *Leans in closer* Just what? Tell me
Me: I always wanted to be this close to you, your pure perfection

He smiled and started to lean in
I sat there in awe and watched him inch closer and closer
As his face aproached mine I met him half way
Then his lips crashed into mine
It felt like pure perfection, but it I knew it was getting out of hand when he pinned me down
But I wasn`t going to stop  him though
I felt his pance tighten, and I pulled his shirt off
Right as he loosened his belt there was a knock at the door

Wolf: *Sighs* Who is it
Security: It`s time for you to go
Wolf: Aight man, *Looks at me* Sorry about that. Can I get your number?
Me: Yeah baby!

All I did was smile