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Emblem 3 Imagines (Not Taking Requests ATM)
Story published October 28, 2012 · updated November 13, 2012 · 17 pages · 3,053 readers · 24,806 reads
Imagine for Daniel
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Imagine for Daniella

For: cнιdσяι.

"DREW! Get in here!" You rock you son in your arms as you try to multitask and get your son's room cleaner.

Drew comes in and you hand him your son. He plays with him for a second while you fix up his bed. Drew gives him a kiss (  ) Then put's him into his bed. 

You walk out into the living room and into the dining room and you see a candlelit dinner set up with flowers. You look back and See Drew smiling at you holding a long black box. 

You open it and see a beautiful Diamond Necklace. You turn around and pull you hair up and Drew clips it on you.

"I Love you, Daniella."

"I Love you too, Drew."

You peck him on this lips and sit down and eat you dinner. You discuss life and how great it is. How much you love each other and how lucky you are. 

Once you finish dinner you walk up to Drew.

"Meet me in the bedroom?" You wink at him and walk into the bathroom.

You brush your hair and change into some lingerie. You wash your face and fix your makeup. 

You walk into your room and see Drew doing this ( ) 

You can't help but laugh.


You hysterically laugh and then say..


You jump onto him and you know what happens next...

(You have an imagination)
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