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Fallen For You: An Ashley Purdy Love Story
Story published October 29, 2012 · updated June 9, 2013 · completed · 166 pages · 12,271 readers · 132,036 reads
I Don't Know What
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I Don't Know What I Want

Layla's POV

I got up the next morning and saw the doggies licking my face. A smile came across my face and I pet their cute little heads. I heard a knock on the door and looked up to see it was Ashley. He was wearing a plaid shirt and some blue jeans, something I honestly thought he owned neither of to be honest, but it looked really nice on him. His hair was still done and it seemed like there wasn't any makeup on his face, showing more of his features. I must admit, Ashley was one of the hottest guys I met in all my years, but I still can't bring myself to get involved, even if I wasn't under heaven's watch anymore. That is something I wish I can avoid.

"The princess is finally up." he said with a smirk. I rolled my eyes playfully. "You mean angel?" He shook his head and chuckled. "That would mean purity, more like a fallen angel is more like it." I got up and tossed a pillow at him, it ended up missing though. Ashley chuckled and smiled at me. "So is this going to work now?" I was a little confused and than Ash added, "I mean you are my angel still or is that all over now?" For once I had no clue, I mean if I even tried going up to the heavens it would most likely mean death to me, but I'm not in any rush to return home and they can't track me.

"I guess...I'm here for as long as you want me." Ashley smiled and said, "I will always want you." My heart rate was increasing again and I knew we were pushing things. I mean I did see him naked yesterday and my thoughts weren't the most 'respectable' at that moment. Thankfully we discussed never to bring it up again unless we both wanted to. Still I was uncomfortable with the somewhat seductive tone Ashley gave in those five words. "So breakfast?" I said quickly changing the topic. "Waffles?" "Coming right up." I made us some waffles and we had a quiet morning. The dogs were eating their food and Ashley enjoyed my cooking, even said it was divine. I have to admit the pun didn't bother me one bit since I can cook. "So, how is casa di Purdy treating you? Not heaven but still is it nice?" I chuckled a bit and nodded. Sure this wasn't heaven, but yet it was being that I was free thanks to him.

"It is good Ash, and thank you for last night." "Again no problem." I bite my lip slightly since I was seeing a new side to Ashley, a side I may actually want. I took the plates and I washed them. "So how are the guys, I already miss them." "I'm seeing them tomorrow since we need to put the touches on our new album and also start planning the music video."I smiled since I loved the guys like they were my family, a bunch of brothers I never had. I went to the couch and already I was bored, least with touring they were always on the move. Ashley chuckled and he said, "Bored huh?" I nodded and the dogs came on me. I seriously love Ashley's dogs, they are the most adorable things on Earth. "Let's do something." I said as I got my jacket. Ashley chuckled and said, "I have just the thing." he said with a smile. First he took me out for a movie, it was an action flick but it kept me somewhat entertained. After that we out for lunch and I was wondering what Ashley was planning, knowing him he was always planning something.

He chuckled and tried taking one of my fries, which I slapped away. "You have your own Purdy!" I joked. He placed a hand over his heart playfully but I wasn't buying it as I ate another of my cheese fries. "Well what if I wanted one of yours."  I stuck my tongue out and shook my head. "Too bad." Ashley shook his head and chuckled. "I guess you don't want to go out to a concert tonight." Concert, what concert I thought? Still I was intrigued and wonder what Ashley Purdy was taking me to. I let him have a fry and I drank the rest of my milkshake. " is your new life?" he asked me. I raised an eyebrow but I smiled. "I love my freedom and well...I guess you aren't so bad after all Ashley." He grinned a pretty wide grin but I just laughed. "What I can be nice and well you aren't so bad." His grin softened and said, "Thanks Layla."

Our hands were close and I pulled away. Are my feelings wrong for him? It is becoming more of a problem...but it is something I am having trouble with. After we were done eating, we went home nd changed into better concert clothing and we drove to an area. Ashley showed the guard the tickets and we were inside, up close I should say. Not really near the speakers, but still close enough to where the action will take place. I still had no clue what we were seeing until I heard some people comment on Amy Lee and my eyes widened. "Are we at an Evanescence concert?" Ashley chuckled and showed me the stub. "I had a feeling you were a fan so I arranged the tickets awhile back, hoping you would still be here to see it with me." I smiled since this was yet another heartfelt act from a man I thought couldn't treat a girl right, but I am always proven wrong with him.

The concert was brilliant and she played a lot of my favorite songs and when the concert ended Ashley bought me a shirt and it was a very lovely one. Ashley even surprised me with a backstage pass so I would be able to meet with Amy Lee and the band, this is truly one of the best things anyone has done for me and this only shows how wrong I was. Once I met up with Amy and talked to her, Ash and I returned home to Tokio and Killer where we spent the night talking about the show and other things until I went into my room to sleep. I will do what I want with my freedom and I will defend it when they come for me. But I still wonder...should I confess the one thing I've been hiding deep love I may feel for the outlaw fallen angel love or not to love and more so do I even want to love or is it the one thing I wanted all this time, even more than being an archangel. Maybe I'll know with more time I thought, I just hope I have it.

Clyde's POV

How could you Layla I thought as I went through the books since her trace could not be found. Of course that could mean a lot of things. Demons, loss of consciousness, capture by the devil's minions or The Fallen, or the worst, heaven forbid it is the worst. I got on my gloves and my suit so that I would be able to charm her with my heavenly charm. I just hope she hasn't found out a slight detail about her demotion from archangel to guardian since that has always been a festering thought in her pretty if stubborn little head. Lucky for her I don't plan to rip her wings off, she is more precious to me as an archangel or a guardian, but useless as a fallen. Truth be told I am responsible for her and she should be grateful she is an angel at all, though I may have started the whole thing with her misstep.

Oops, I've said too much. Well then Layla I will find you and give you your archangel rank since I want nothing more than for us to love and be ultimate creatures of god together or there will be big problems.
How could I have fallen for him, the one thing I swore myself never to do, and yet the desire not to was greater than what I had imagined. I will protect him so no harm comes to the man I love, even if it means my very life~Layla