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They Are Friends [Ichigo Kurosaki]
Story published October 29, 2012 · updated December 18, 2012 · completed · 131 pages · 4,172 readers · 63,598 reads
Final Chapter
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Final Chapter

Six years later
        “You may now kiss the bride.”
        The whole church erupted in cheers and applause as Ichigo raised his bride’s veil. Max’s smile was huge and she jumped into his arms in a passionate kiss. The young man then carried his wife out of the church and to the waiting limo where they drove off to the after party.
        They had invited everyone they knew from the World of the Living and the Soul Society, which made it one huge gathering. Urahara had been keeping busy for the last few months making all of the gigais for the Soul Reapers that attended.
        “I’d like to thank everyone for coming today,” Ichigo spoke into the microphone at dinner. Everyone in the room turned their attention to the bride and groom. “I’m happy that today finally came. Some people might say that marriage is scary, but I’m ready to start my life with the love of my life, Maximum.”
        The girl blushed in embarrassment. Some people chuckled.
        “Max has always made me smile, even through rough times. She’s not only my wife, but she’s my best friend as well. And I couldn’t be happier.”
        “Cheers!” the crowd shouted, clinking glasses together. Ichigo looked down at Max and grinned.
        “You’re making me embarrassed,” she grumbled, as a blush was evident on her cheeks. The young man chuckled, putting a finger under Max’s chin and lightly kissed her lips.
        “Can’t wait for tonight,” he smirked and winked. Her blush reddened more, causing him to throw back his head in laughter before kissing her cheek.
        “Thanks for everything, Max.”
        Max smiled back at her husband. “Anything for you, Ichigo.”
        “Mr. and Mrs. Kurosaki?” They looked up and saw everyone from the Soul Society standing around them.
        “Congratulations,” Rukia said with a smile.
        “So, how many rug-rats are were expecting?” Renji smirked.
        “Shut up!” the couple yelled at the redhead.
        The Soul Reapers started cracking up laughing. “Some things never change,” Ikkaku grumbled.
Five years later
        “Sure I can watch the little darlings,” Urahara said, fan in front of his face hiding a smirk.
        “The last time you said that Ichigo and I came home to find you showing off your zanpakuto to the kids!” Max yelled with a pulsing vein.
        “Oh come now, they asked me to show them.” Max grumbled before a hand rested on her shoulder.
        “We have no one else to watch them, Max,” Ichigo stated, already in his Soul Reaper form. “Your parents are oversea again and everyone else is busy with their own family.”
        Over the years Orihime had married Uryuu, Chad had married Tatsuki, Renji and Rukia were married in the Soul Society, while Keigo and Mizuro were off on one of their many adventures.
        Max sighed, “I know, just make sure they stay in one piece.”
        “You have nothing to worry about,” the shopkeeper stated, snapping the fan closed.
        “Uncle Urahara!” two child voices rang out. An orange haired girl with brown eyes ran forward with her little auburn haired and brown-eyed brother. Urahara caught the two children up in his arms.
        “Now Masaki, Kuro be good for your uncle.”
        “Yes, Mom!” the two children exclaimed. The woman sighed, as Ichigo and her walked into the back to drop off the kids’ bags for the night. Max’s outfit then began to transform into her other form halfway there.
        “Ready to go?” Ichigo asked.
        “You bet!”
        “Renji and Rukia will be meeting up with us later.”
        The man’s right arm hooked around Max’s waist, pulling her closer so he could kiss her neck. “So, after patrol… wanna go on a date?” he asked, smiling against the skin.
        “Hmm…” Max mused in thought. “What kind of a date do you have in mind?”
        “Well do you want to do it before or after a shower?”
        Max smirked. “How about during?”
        “It’s a date.”
        The woman kissed her husband lightly on the cheek. “I’ll race you!”
        Ichigo smirked, chasing her out the back. Urahara stared out the door after them. “They still act like they are high school teenagers,” Tessai pointed out.
        “You’ve noticed, huh?” Urahara asked. “We knew Max would never grow old, but now it looks like Ichigo isn’t aging either, like a real Soul Reaper even though he hasn’t died. I’ve never seen anything like this…”
        “Maybe it’s because he’s part Vizard? Maybe that is affecting his aging process.”
        The shopkeeper smiled. “Well then, that just means they have more time to spend together… maybe even their kids.” The grown-ups looked back at the two children who were playing with Jinta, Ururu, and Yoruichi. “They are already showing signs of Spiritual Pressure. They’ll take right after their parents.”
        “Which means… they will be together for a long time?”
        Urahara smiled. “I like the sound of that, and I don’t think Ichigo and Max will have any objections.”
        “None that I can think of.”
        “Uncle Urahara!” Masaki exclaimed.
        “Hmm?” the said man mused turning to look in the adjoining room.
        “Jinta isn’t playing fair!”
        Kuro punched the redhead in the arm, but something shot out of his hand, spiraling Jinta into the wall. Everyone’s mouths dropped to the floor in shock. Masaki laughed along with the little boy.
        Urahara then began to laugh. “Just like their parents.”

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