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Let Those Tears in your Eyes Turn into Rainbows
Story published October 29, 2012 · updated February 1, 2013 · 26 pages · 76 readers · 383 reads
Maya Evie Clarkson
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Maya Evie Clarkson
Helllllooo Earthlings, or are you an earthling maybe your an alien.....Anyways my names Maya, and I'm 16 years old and my birthday is on the 80th day in the year, which is March 21st . My favorite color is of course purple because im writing in it now and my hairs purple. I have a couple nicknames Skittles, May Bear, and boo boo. I'm really clumsy. What? You thought  i walked like a ballerina?Hell Nawhh. Anywhoo my favorite animals is bunnies and pandas, they are just sooooo cute. I love music , i even play guitar and write my own music. My favorite bands are Black Veil Brides, Asking Alexandria, Bullet for my Valentine and lots and lots more. I LOVE Batman. I have 2 best friends and they are Hannah and Sage. We've been together since 1st grade. It all happened very randomly of course by moi. I was singing and skipping, in the rain duringgg class. When the teacher saw me she ran out there and started yelling at me and i started crying. Then Hannah called the teacher a big fat cow and kicked her. She then came over to me and hugged me and i started smiling, then Sage out of no where came with a cookie i gladly took it and ate it. Hannah was suspended for a week and her parents hate me for it. Anywayysss my parents are never home so i guess there's no reason to hate except for that fact. I have my tongue pierced, lip pierced, belly button and of course ears. I also have 4 tattoos.
I have this one
And this is the other one
And another
And The last one 

Yupperdo i love them all and might add more. If you havent noticed im a very weird person. anyways my goal in life is to marry Andrew Dennis Biersack, gahhhhh those eyes are sooo dreamy and that voiceee. Anyways i should just stop talking now.BYE!!