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Daddy's little angel ( Sequel to Iron Man's first Love)
Story published October 30, 2012 · updated February 3, 2013 · completed · 60 pages · 1,372 readers · 15,049 reads
I want to know wha
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I want to know what love is

The next few days were odd, I'd visit Eric each day in my dreams or he'd visit me. There was something about him that was mysterious and enchanting but I couldn't tell what. I think that the people around seemed to notice my odd behavior because for the longest periods of time I would stare off into space. I would think about Eric and his piercing blue eyes, all thoughts about that Steve character who was also in my dream were gone. Bonnie, Anna, and Terra seemed to notice my behavior but Ignored them because to me I felt like I was in the clouds, like everything meant nothing. It was dinner, Dad, Pepper, and I sat around the table eating quietly while my head was still up in the clouds. I heard dad set his fork and knife down on the table with a small clatter.

"Okay Kenzie, Tell me what's going on. Are you on drugs?" That question caused me to drop my silverware and give my dad a shocked look.

"What?" I asked.

"Weed?Heroin? What?" I shook my head furiously.

"Dad, I'm not on drugs. I can assure you of that."

"Well then what's going on with you Mackenzie?" Pepper spoke up and I sighed. How was I going to ask a question on something I lacked knowledge of without making this incredibly akward.

"How do you know when your in love?" I blurted. Dad and Pepper looked at me shocked.

"What?" Pepper managed to say.

"What I mean is that I think I'm in love." Dad stared at me blankly before blinking.

" With who? That Mickey guy?" I snorted.

"His name was Michael and I dumped him two weeks ago."

"Who? Justin Hammer then?" I gave Pepper a look of disgust.

"Pepper, he's almost as old as dad. That's disgusting." I said and dad nodded in agreement.

"So who do you think your in love with?" Pepper asked.

"His name is Eric." I said quietly.

"Why do you think your in love with this Eric guy?" Dad asked.

"I'm not sure and that's why I asked you two." Pepper and Dad looked at each other before turning back to me.

"No offense Mackenzie but this is more of a issue you should have addressed to Pepper, not me." I rolled my eyes.

"Well let's start with how he makes you feel." Pepper said, ignoring dad. I took a deep breath and thought about the question.

"Well... he's mysterious and alluring."

"Is he good looking?" She asked.

" He's hot." Dad groaned.

"Okay so far he sounds like the bad boy type." I nodded while dad set his dish aside and rest his head on the table.

"I guess."

"Is there any other qualities?"

"Well he's knows a lot." Dad looked up.

"Like What? Physics?" Dad asked.

"I don't know. But I meant that he knows a lot about the world." Pepper nodded and dad rested his head on the table again.

"And how long have you known Eric."

"One week."

"Does he go to your school?"

"No. You don't know him."

"So that really only leaves the is there's anything else about him."

"He makes me feel excited. Like adrenaline pumping excited. " Pepper smiled.

"Well then I can't say if your in love with this guy because that's for you to decide and it does seem a little fast but I think your on the way to falling in love." I smiled at her.

"When I meet this little asshole and I will meet him, I'm going to give him a good talking to. I'll make sure Rhodey's there too." Dad stood up from the table and made his exit while Pepper and I rolled our eyes at my father. The feelings I had for Eric excited me yes, but a part of was scared. I wasn't scared of feeling, no there was something in my gut that was warning me about this guy. The same feeling in my gut when Obadiah came over to the mansion and drugged me. Whatever this feeling was, I chose to ignore it.

I give all the credit and rights to Marvel and Stan Lee and whoever for any of the characters besides Mackenzie and the ones I make up. I also give all the credit and rights to the websites and people who own the pictures.

If you haven't already read the story before this one.