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Nerd Charming
Story published October 31, 2012 · updated November 18, 2012 · completed · 38 pages · 1,466 readers · 25,597 reads
Chapter Eighteen
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Chapter Eighteen

( Harmony's P.O.V )

I Sat Down I Saw the Dean Disappointed in me

I Explained everything , How Cindy Is A Bully to me
Alex Being my boyfriend

She understood my anger , How I Had to bottle everything up
She was happy Suicide had not occured to me
My Punishment was:

No Referal ,  In School Suspension for a week

Cindy's Punishment , for bullying and Causing the fight :

Possible Expulsion , Referal 

I Had to spend the rest of my day in ISS
Once the school day ended I Was happy

When I Saw Alex he looked at me

"Are You okay?" he asks

I Nod

"This Is ALL my fault I Knew doing that was a mistake" He Tells me

"No , I'm SO Relieved you did it plus We can do whatever we want in public" I Admit

"But I Caused that fight"

"I Was going to fight her soon anyway"

He smiles "By the way YOU WON never seen you curse or fight before!"

I Blush "You like me angry?"

"Not on me but On Cindy It was Real Cute and Sexy"

"Thanks but I still got a punishment"

"Who cares? Cindy Got what she deserved"

He Grabs my waist and he Kisses me in the hall

We hear whistling and both pull away and we start blushing

We walk out to his mothers car acting like it was an average day

I Was going to Spend the night at Alex's for the science fair

I Packed my dress ,and my shoes and I Put everything I Needed in the guest room

We showed Alex's Mom Our presentation
She said Its deserves an A

We were excited

I Was happy because me and Alex didn't kiss alot today
I Thought it was a habit
But he did kiss me before bed


I Woke Alex and I Up Early To get ready
Alex was going to school in his suit and I Was going in  my Dress and heels

Alex finished quite fast though
I Hadn't even curled my hair when he was done


When I Was done curling my hair i Walked down the stairs slowly
Alex Was shocked when he saw me
"You look Beautiful" He judged

I Smiled "Thanks"

He made sure I Didn't get ANYTHING on my dress

By the time breakfast was done His mom was dropping us off again

I Stepped on school campus with Alex holding my waist

I Went to his locker with him because I Had ISS All 7 periods

His friends Walked up to us
"Harmony you Look FINE !"

I Blush a little

Alex gets done getting his books and He shooed his friends away

"So" He Starts


"I'll miss you"

"Alex its only 7 periods and you'll see me get my lunch"

"I Know but..." He stops 

I Was curious on why he didn't finish

Before the bell rang I Grabbed him in a kiss
He Kisses back

I Felt eyes on us , but I Did NOT care at all.

When the bell rings we kept going
Until the warning bell rang we stopped and said our goodbyes
And Ran 


ISS Was soo Boring

I Was so happy when school was over


Alex found me and we headed to his house to get the presentation board

We fixed anything that wasn't placed or glued on right and we headed back to school

Mostly Everyone was there including Cindy

She didn't hesitate to look at me

Alex set the board upright on the table and we stood there waiting for the Fair to start

"Welcome Parents And Students , We all appreciate everyone being here , we have 10 science teachers to go around and examine the projects our
students have designed and created , in the end we will announce 3rd , 2nd , and 1st place ,Good Luck students and Wish For the best!" 
The Announcer Announces

The Science fair begun , We had a teacher come and we showed him our presentation
He gave up a 8.8  and he put a 'checked' sign next to our table

I Pouted a bit about our score , Thats like a 'B'

Once everyone was checked 

"May we Have your attention ! We are ready to announce The winners! , Okay In 3rd Place we Have Mya Gilrestic and Dylan Yhus *Crowd cheers*
In 2nd Place We Have Haley Chyimp and Jason Uyhl *Crowd Cheers* And Our 1st Place Winner is"

Alex and I Cross our fingers

"Cindy Dieslio And Julian Biasco"

I Was pretty shocked and so was Alex

"Good Job Harmony" I turn to See Cindy 
"Thanks You too" She Gives me a smile

Everyone Starts Packing Away their projects 
And I Was heading Home
Home Sweet Home.

Hello !
Thanks for Reading my story !
Means sooo Much