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Emblem3 One Shots, Preferences, & Imagines.
Story published November 3, 2012 · updated December 8, 2012 · 3 pages · 4,573 readers · 6,433 reads
Keaton- |One Shot|
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Keaton- |One Shot|

For Keaton's wife; Jennifer c; x

Jennifer Chadwick.

Remembering the day of their audition was like remembering the day that I was left alone. From not being able to spend time with my family or being able to see my boyfriend.

By 'their' I mean Emblem3. By 'family' I mean my older brother Drew. And by 'boyfriend' I mean Keaton.

I don't mean I don't want them to be famous and to chase their dreams, I'm actually very happy for them. Happy that they got what they deserve. I was actually the one who told them about The X Factor. At first they were unsure about it, but then they got convinced and went for it.

I watch The X Factor alone in my room. Sometimes I cry because of how much I miss Drew, Keaton, and Wesley. Hearing different rumors about Keaton dating some strange chicks always get to me, even though we still talk to each other every night before going to bed. Keaton is so sweet to me, we've been dating for exactly two years now. Today's our anniversary and he said he couldn't be able to come back home, not even for a day.


Looking outside the window, I saw pouring rain. The sound was so relaxing for a Sunday morning.

Taking a sip of my cold orange juice, I saw my phone vibrate, almost falling off of the kitchen table. I quickly grabbed it and read the text message.

"Hey Jennifer, meet me up at the city park at twelve?"
I let out a deep, heavy sigh realizing that it wasn't Keaton but it was just my close friend Linda.
"But it's pouring outside, and I'm super depressed today."
Almost instantly I received a text back.

"No buts, you better come Jen."
Standing up, I grabbed my plates with the food I didn't get to finish eating, threw the food away, and I put the dishes in the dishwasher. I made my way upstairs and towards the bathroom. Stripping down, I stepped into the hot shower.
I looked into the mirror in my room one last time to check how I looked with the clothes I chose. I decided to leave my hair how it is naturally because it's pouring outside and it will eventually get ruined. I smiled and grabbed my umbrella. The city park isn't far, it's just down the street.
When I got there, it was now just lightly raining. I walked up a bumpy hill to the top which is were Linda and I usually meet up. I looked around the gigantic park, but I couldn't spot her anywhere. I waited by a massive tree avoiding the rain as I leaned on it.

Taking a seat down on the large tree, I closed my eyes for a while. I ended up falling asleep for about ten long minutes until I felt someone sit down next to me. I stretched out my arms and yawned a bit and looked over to my right. 

I expected it to be Linda, but it wasn't. It was my boyfriend, Keaton Stromberg. My eyes almost bulged out, "Keaton?"

He chuckled, "Happy anniversary Jennifer." I quickly hugged him tightly, but he hugged me back even tighter.

"I thought you weren't going to be here," I told him.

Keaton put his hand on my left cheek, caressed it and smiled, "I was allowed to last minute." He put his hand into his pocket and he pulled out something. It was a stunning necklace. "This is for you," Keaton said.

I was speechless, I hadn't gotten anything for Keaton himself. "Keaton, it's beautiful..."

He nodded, "I needed to get you something beautiful. I couldn't find anything as beautiful as you though."

I giggled and laughed, "You and your cheesy ways." 

Keaton chuckled and he put the necklace on me.

"Thank you," I whispered. I placed a gentle kiss on his lips and pulled away slowly.

I saw his eyes flicker and he grabbed my hand, "I love you."

Keaton and I have been spending the day together. We've been taking long walks, watching movies, and just goofing off. I've really missed him and the fact that he's back is amazing. 

"We have so much to catch up on," I said sitting on his lap with his arms wrapped around by body. "Do you have any plans for tomorrow?"

I waited for him to answer, but he didn't. I looked up at him and I saw worry in his eyes. "What's wrong Keaton?" I stood up and put a stand of my hair behind my ear.

"I'm leaving tomorrow," He stated.

Tears filled my eyes, "T-Tomorrow?"  Keaton nodded and snaked his arms around me once again. "But-

"I'm sorry, but I have to. If I could stay, I really would, believe me babe," Keaton cupped my cheeks with both of his hands.

"Please don't go," I whispered. 

Keaton sighed and nodded no.

"Come with me on tour," He insisted.

"Go on you with tour? But--"

"Your parents can't possibly say no. Drew will be with us, and they're never home. There's plenty of space for you Jen. Just say yes."

I thought about it for a moment. He's right. Drew will be there, and my parents trust him to the core. I have nothing to do during the long summer, and the tour is only during it. I flashed a big smile, "I guess I'm going to start packing."

Keaton gave me a beaming smile and kissed me deeply with so much passion, "I love you." He said in between the kiss.

"I love you too," I giggled.