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Emblem3 Imagines
Story published November 4, 2012 · updated November 23, 2012 · 6 pages · 2,362 readers · 9,977 reads
Keaton Imagine for
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Keaton Imagine for Emma

This is an imagine for Emma Emma Hope you like it:)

        " Ugh Keaton! I'm so sick of this!" I screamed at him.
        " You are so selfish! I can't even spend time with my friends!" he exclaimed his loud voice filling Drew's house.
        " You can, but do you not remember we were supposed to hang out today!" I said tears forming in my eyes.
        " Well I want to hang out with them instead of a stupid, selfish little brat!" he said. Did he just say that? I felt as if the wind was completely knocked out of me. Tears started streaming down my face.
        " Then go and hang out with them instead" I whispered quietly and turned around and started heading for the door. I guess Keaton realized how much of an ass he was and started coming towards me. 
        " Emma wait" he said grabbing my arm and pulling me towards him. I could feel his hot breath. " I am so so sorry. I was being such an ass. I would rather hang out with you anyday" 
        " You have one more chance" I said softly and he nodded , crashing his lips into mine. I loved his kisses, they were full of so much passion and emotion. Breathless, we pulled away and rested our foreheads against each others.
        " I love you Emma" Keaton whispered
        " I love you too Keaton"