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Adopted by a band
Story published November 4, 2012 · updated 10 months ago · 15 pages · 767 readers · 6,036 reads
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Info s

Name: Delilah

age: 14

Family: sister of Ronnie radke 

Likes: candy, colour purple, children 
music, sleeping, and her best friend, converse ,vans, osiris,TOMS

Dislikes: Bullies, Rude people, people that can't spell, pickles lol , y.o.l.o
has Long Black hair Crystal blue eye's thin wears a lot of band t shirts 

(but with purple eyes)

Name: Blayze 

Age: 15

Family : Chris motionless (brother)

Likes: Music, fighting, Anime/Manga, Metallica, singing, animals

Dislikes: Most People, People who think they know everything, people who act like they're cool but they're not
She has long white hair, violet eyes, short, skinny. She's cold towards most people when they first meet her, because she's afraid of letting people
in and the possibility of getting hurt again. But when she trusts you she's really funny and protective. Though it's hard to get her to trust you.