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I can't stay away
1. Coincedence?
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1. Coincedence?

Lexie's P.O.V

        "WAKE UP, YOU SLEEP HEAD. WAKE UP!" my annoying little brother yelled.

          "What in the hell do you think you're doing?" I said pushing him off of me.

         "Just waking my favorite sister up," he said getting off the bed, pouting. 

        And just like that, I felt guilty. I kissed his cheeks and muttered, " Thanks little guy. And I'm your only sister."

       "True dat," he said smiling. I looked at him amused, and laughed. 

        After I took a shower, and put on an outfit, I exited my mansion, smiling at the gardener on my way out the door. I got into my gorgeous, gorgeous, can't say it enough car and drove to the mall to buy some things for school. 

        When I went in, I was welcomed by the delicious smell of Starbucks and air condition. Waiting in line for Starbucks were the girls who used to bully me. Bully as in, insult me in every way possible while pointing and laughing in my face. They were the popular girls that everyone seemed to hate because their lives seemed perfect. 

         I walked towards to the cashier and told the girl my order. 

         The 4 populars looked at me and the head cheerleader as I remember her name was Brittany spoke up. " Hey." she said looking at me up and down. " Are you new? " 

         " You could say that." 

         Brittany rose her perfectly arched eyebrows and picked on her nails. I subtly rolled my eyes and waited for my drink. Right after the 5 left, I got my much appreciated drink and started shopping :)  I went from store to store trying to find some skinny jeans and cute tops but whaddya know? I found 2 pairs of boots screaming my name along with other unnecessary clothes. 
        As I paid for my clothes, I had the click clacks of high heels giving me a headache. It was horrifying. And of course, it was the one and only populars. What made me double back was the sight of Ryan Williams and his crew. I saw Brittany hug him and his face scrunching up. Huh. They must be a couple now. She kept trying to seduce Ryan or whatever but he was so not seduced. All you needed to look was his face of disgust. I snorted and let out a giggle. 
        And with that, all heads turned to me. I managed to let out a smile and turned to leave them be. I could feel all of them staring at me so, I ran towards the elevator. But not before I heard some whistles coming from behind me. I smirked and pushed the elevator button and it immediately opened up to reveal a gorgeous guy. He looked up from his phone and I almost let out a gasp. He had chocolate brown hair and the bluest eyes I had ever seen. 

                " Soo what floor?" he said smiling. 

                " 3rd please," I said trying to contain my glee.

                " What a coincidence. So am I," he said and I let out a laugh.

                " You do know that a floor specified for girls right?"

                " Gotta buy some things for my little sister. She broke her leg and my parents gave me some money to buy her a little something to cheer her up." 
                 " Ahhh."

               " I know what you're thinking. What an awesome guy, I should get his number. Right?" he said smiling with his teeth. I swayed.. Ughh people should not be allowed to be this gorgeous and funny.

                I laughed, " Someone's full of themselves. "

            " I was joking. Sorta, " he remarked back. " So about that number.."

            " You don't know my name and you want my number?"

                " Ugh slipped my mind. A beautiful girl like you, the name's gotta be something utterly amazing."

                " Flirty, are we? It's Lexie and I'll think about it. "

                " Hey you're coming to Maybeck High right? " 

                " Yeah, Grade 10."
                  " Same! So I guess we'll be seeing each other a little bit more." he said with his twinkling eyes. 

                " I guess we will." I said smiling at him.

                 " I'm Aaron by the way," he winked and stared into my eyes. 

            "Well, I gotta go. Hang on, is the elevator even moving?" I said, blushing. Damnnnn this guy was smooth. 

             "I thin-. Oh, I forgot to press the button. "

             I giggled and leaned onto the metal walls. And just as he was about to press on the floor 3, the doors opened and in front of us were.. you can guess. ;)



A/N : I am so veryyyy sorrryyyy if this wasn't good enough for the first chapter but I hope the remaining chapters you'll like. Keep on reading and commenting :) Thanks guysss. I <3 You.

Thanks for reading my story.

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