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An Angel (reader x Edward Elric) *FINISHED*
Story published November 5, 2012 · updated March 17, 2013 · completed · 211 pages · 8,661 readers · 102,654 reads
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ELLO THERE!!! (Author's Note)

Okay, so this is meh first story (on Quotev, anyway), and I wrote it because I noticed that there are ALMOST NO reader x edward elric stories on this site!!! *GAAASP* THAT CANNOT BE TRUE ANY LONGER ;3
So here I am. And here it is.

I will update when I can, as college homework takes a long time to complete.

_____ will be your name, but don't worry, I don't use it often, as this is in first person.

This will be very free spirited, as that is the way my mind works, and it will also contain lots of details, because I tend to picture scenes clearly when I write them.


P.S. I will accept requests and ideas, as well as constructive criticism IF IT IS WORDED POLITELY. Just leave meh a comment and I'll get to it when I can!!! ♥

Note from September 2014:
Hey guys it's me again! So this story is now two years old, and I've been putting it off for awhile, but I think I'm going to go through and fix any errors, any broken plot points, any chapters that just need a bit of tinkering up.
Also I apologize for the Comic Sans font, I used to be obsessed with it. (Also the color pink and ponies. *sighs* :L) I will be working to change that font, as well. Hopefully it won't muck up the story if I change the font.
ALSO: This will be my first time reading through MY OWN STORY *gasp*. Yeah no I haven't actually read this thing from beginning to end. So this will be fun. Maybe I'll add commentary or fun facts or something. I don't know we'll see what happens.
But thank you so much for reading, and I hope you enjoy <3
-Transient Reality