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One Direction One Shots
Story published November 7, 2012 · updated January 17, 2013 · 25 pages · 2,444 readers · 12,209 reads
The Truth Behind T
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The Truth Behind Truth or Dare (Nouis)

It all started off from a simple game of truth or dare. Nothing unfair about that, right? You would be incorrect.  The members of One Direction thought it would be fun to relax and unwind by playing some games. After losing 5 games of poker to Liam (he has the perfect poker face), Harry decided he wanted to play an innocent game of truth or dare.
“Guys…I don’t want to lose to Liam again. Can’t we play something fun? Like truth or dare?” Harry wriggled his eyebrows teasingly. Liam exchanged a look with Louis. They were reminiscing the last time they played the childhood game and how one person almost ended up in the hospital and another literally had to run out of the room to throw up.
“I don’t think that’s a good idea Haz…” Louis began but Harry interrupted him.
“Nothing too intense! I just want to do…more digging into my band mate’s personal lives’”
With a cheeky smile on his face and puppy-dog eyes to die for, Harry knew he had won this argument. And he was right of course.
“Fine…we’ll play in the living room. No rough-housing or disastrous food concoctions allowed, alright?” Liam said sternly and Harry nodded with only a tiny bit of wistfulness on his face. Anyone who didn’t know Harry Styles would think he wanted to play truth or dare for his own personal gain. But it really wasn’t for him. It was for his best mate, Lou.
Harry had only found out about Louis’ crush on Niall a few days earlier…
“Harry? Can I trust you with one of deepest and darkest secrets?” Louis asks Harry, anxiously eyeing the open door. They are both lying together on Louis’ bed after an intense conversation about the term “mongoose and mongeese”.
“Sure Boo, you know you can trust me. Scout’s honour” Harry holds his hand up with a grin. Noticing Louis’ hesitation and cautious eyeing of the door, Harry stands up and closes the door with his foot, hopping back on the bed quickly which jostles Louis slightly.
“I think I might be gay”
Harry raises an eyebrow at his blushing friend. “You think or you know?”
“Well…I’ve been having these thoughts…about Niall. I’ve started noticing…him. Like how he looks, his personality and what it would be like to do stuff…like kiss him”
“How long have you been having these thoughts?” Harry asks, vaguely interested in this conversation. So this is why he broke up with Eleanor…he realized his true sexuality.
“I guess…a while. I’ve just been denying it pathetically. What should I do Hazza? You and I both know Niall is as straight as a ruler but sometimes…it’s like he’s telling me he’s interested too, y’know? But I know I’m probably just deluding myself. I just don’t want to give up hope”
Harry really feels like crying for his confused and distressed friend. To love someone you’re really close to…but not ever get with him? Sounds like one of those fairy tales with no happy ending. This is when Harry realizes it. That it’s his duty to make Louis happy and Niall see the light…the light, which is Louis Tomlinson.
*End flashback*
This game had to prove something. That Niall loved Louis back. Harry just hoped it wouldn’t end in disaster.
“Okay, who wants to start?” Liam said while he took a seat next to Zayn.
“I want to” Harry said, folding his hands into his lap. Stage one of his plan would begin now. Since no one had interrupted him or objected to him beginning the game, Harry said what he rehearsed hours earlier.
“Niall, truth or dare?”
“Uh…I’ll have to go with truth mate”
Exactly as Harry planned. He knew Niall would go with truth; he always does truth first when asked.
“If you could make out with anyone in this room right now, who would it be and why?”
“Jesus Harry” Louis swore, staring him down. He looked so embarrassed and pissed off at the same time. Liam didn’t look pleased either but Zayn actually smiled at Harry. He must have found it amusing. However, Niall looked speechless. His face was as red as a stop sign and his mouth was opening and closing like a fish.
“Harry, what did I tell you about-…?” Liam started but Niall cut him off abruptly.
“No Liam, it’s not his fault. I’ll answer the question; what harm can come out of it…it’s just a joke right?” Niall took a deep breath to calm himself, “my answer is…”
Oh no, no, no. This was not going to plan at all. Harry sat there dumbfounded and he could not believe his ears. He was meant to say Louis not him. Niall cannot like him like that; it had to be Louis.
“I choose you because…hmmm, I guess it’s because your lips look the softest and…um, you wouldn’t push me away? I’m sorry…this must sound awkward” Niall chuckled uncomfortably. Harry shook his head and looked towards Louis for support. But from one look at him; he knew Louis wouldn’t be able to help him now. Louis was struggling to hold his tears back and he was breathing was shallow.
“Louis? Are you alright?” Liam noticed his friend’s distress with a frown of concern.
“Y-yeah. Exc-cuse me…” Louis stuttered and stood up, the first of his tears escaping his eyes. He ran out of the room and everyone heard his bedroom door slam shut. Harry quickly went after him, leaving the rest of the guys confused and bewildered.
“What the hell just happened?” Zayn questioned looking at his other two friends in turn.
“Louis?” Harry quietly whispered while opening Louis’ bedroom door. Louis was lying in the middle of his bed with his face stuffed into his pillow to hide his loud sobs.
“I’m so sorry buddy. I had no idea that he would-…”
“It’s not your fault…I guess we’re not-not meant to be” Louis lifted his head up briefly but almost immediately smashed his face back into the pillow, continuing to weep.
“Don’t say that, you never know-…”
“Harry, I want to talk to Louis. Is that alright?”
Harry turned towards the new voice and froze. Niall was standing in the open doorway with a blank expression on his face. How much had he heard, Harry wondered. He stood up without a word and left his best mate with his some-what crush. At the last moment, Harry glanced back at Louis. His face was still buried in his pillow pitifully with no sign of getting up. Before Harry could do anything, Niall closed the door gently in his face.
“What did you mean, with what you said?”
Louis looked up from his pillow. He did not want to answer the blonde guy but he knew he had to confess it sooner or later. “I…wanted you to choose me. To kiss”
“That still doesn’t- oh” Realization had hit Niall. Louis wanted to turn away to wallow in his misery and self-pity but Niall’s reaction wasn’t discuss. The Irishman was blushing scarlet and looking at his shoes.
“I’m pathetic. I couldn’t even properly tell you how I felt. I’m sorry” Louis was about to shove his face down again but a hand on his shoulder stopped him.
“You’re not pathetic. You’re shy and self-conscious about your feelings towards me. It makes you look…adorable”
Did he just call Louis adorable?
“I don’t know what came over me in the game. I actually was going to say your name but I stumbled and ended up saying Harry’s name. I knew I had to make up an excuse so I…I um, said what I would have said if I had said your name Lou. I just um…love you too”
Niall looked so cute and shy now, like a Pikachu. Louis sat up more properly and pulled the younger man closer to him.
“Do you mean that? You’re not just saying that so I’ll stop crying and being pitiful”
“I can’t lie to the man I love” Niall whispered and let his lips brush against Louis’, setting their fate.