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The Player's Girl- Harry Styles Fanfic
Story published November 7, 2012 · updated March 26, 2013 · 88 pages · 21,684 readers · 210,395 reads
Chapter 8 Part 1-
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Chapter 8 Part 1- Wrong Move.

Anna’s POV


The next day at school, Aiden and I are holding hands, walking to school. Our fingers intertwined together perfectly as they swung back and forth. I glanced up at Aiden and saw him looking straight ahead and grinning like mad.


My smile widened when I looked at him. I turned back to look around. People were looking at our intertwined hands. I didn’t care though. I could even see Nick gaping at the sight in front of him. I quietly snickered.


“What?” Aiden said quietly to me. Though, everybody probably heard it over their quiet whispers.


“One word for you; Nick.” I chuckled while Aiden just looked confused. “I’ll explain later.” I continued. He merely nodded his head slightly and continued walking me to my locker.


As soon as we got to the hallway, I see Harry, standing at my locker waiting for me. He was leaning against the locker beside mine with his legs and arms crossed. When he saw us, his gaze immediately locked on our intertwined fingers. The smile slowly dropped off my face and I was panicked. What if he does something stupid that he’d regret to Aiden?


My eyes widened and I immediately spun around, dragging Aiden in the direction of anywhere but there. Too slow, Harry grabbed Aiden’s shoulder and spun him around. The next thing I know, Harry is on top of Aiden, straddling him and throwing punches at his beautiful face.


Blood was rushing out of his busted lip and his nose. It’s safe to say that Aiden was knocked out and Harry was going mad. Harry was muttering a string of colorful words to himself mainly. A crowd has formed. Each and every single one of them was standing there in shock. Nobody expected Harry to be going this mad.


I finally snapped out of my state of horror and looked around. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion.


“HARRY! HARRY STOP!” I tried to pull Harry off of Aiden, but off course, my weight and strength was nothing on him. He didn’t even look back at me. He just continued beating Aiden’s frail body that was getting bloodier by the second.


I finally decided to step in between him. I know Harry would never hurt me.


Wrong move. As soon as I plopped myself down in front of Harry, he punched me square in the head.


The pain came rushing to my head. I fell to the ground with a scream of agonizing pain. All around me, I saw blurry figures of people gasping, running away, a nurse rushing over with a wheelchair. And Harry.


Harry with tears streaming down his face, sitting next to my limp body.


“I’m so sorry” He choked out through his tears. That was the last thing I remember before I was surrounded in blackness.




I freaking warned you this story was cliche. Back out now if you're going to criticize it. >.

Anyways, sorry this is only part one. 


Part two will be out soon and will be in Harry's POV. 


Oh and Part Two will be much longer!




Tapioca out xx