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Odd request...?
Story published November 11, 2012 · updated November 23, 2012 · completed · 27 pages · 1,746 readers · 12,395 reads
Lost in the past..
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Lost in the past...?

Bleh, this seriously isn't fair! I can't remember anything. Matt was looking at me strangely; why did he have to look so sad and disappointed?? I closed my eyes for a split second and it was like I had a vision. Woah, magic powers? It seems hazy, sort of like a dream. There was this boy and he was saying something... He was saying "When I grow up, I'll come back for you so please don't cry. Haha, I'm not leaving you permanently. I forever promise that I will find you again Ruby! Go, now to your parents!" The boy also looked miserable but he was trying so hard to look cheerful. It was so saddening. 

I felt tears starting to form. Oh gosh, why was I getting so upset over a vision/ dream thing. Wait, that was too real to be a dream, maybe it was a memory... A memory from my past, maybe? I'm not really sure. I don't feel like I'm missing any of my memories..... That boy, maybe he was the one. When I say the ONE I mean my first love. How come I am suddenly regaining that fuzzy memory. I don't understand. I must remember more! I want to rediscover all of what I once lost.

Strange, how did I lose it though...... My precious memories!

Distantly, I heard a soft musical tune of a violin and piano.. It sounds really wonderful and happy. I blinked and suddenly I was back in the ballroom, Matt was dancing the Waltz with me. Wait I can't! I don't know how to dance! The waltz! I thought I was making an idiot of myself but the guests were actually smiling and clapping?

Why? I looked down at my feet and back at Matt.... I couldn't believe it I was actually dancing properly!!!! How!!!???? Okay, now I'm sure there's something fishy going on here! The song was starting to end. Eventually, we stopped dancing and everyone clapped! YAY! I didn't make a fool out of myself! WIN!! I curtsied & waved! Pahaha, I felt like the Queen or something! This is just too funny!

I burst out laughing and Matt hurriedly walked me outside to the garden! Thankfully the music was too loud and no one hear my loud laughing! I took a glance at Matt; he didn't seem bothered by my laughing. I wonder why he brought me outside then... 

He tried turning me around, but due to all the dancing my feet clumsily twisted themselves and I fell. Instead of picking me up he sat down besides me on the concrete path.
Thank you for reading everyone! <3 I hoped you liked it.