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Fifty shades of Nash Overstreet
Story published November 12, 2012 · updated December 26, 2012 · 14 pages · 1,111 readers · 3,963 reads
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Finally the door bell rang. I almost ran to the door, once in the hallway I slowed down, put on a sexy smile and seductive look and opened the door. I stood behind the door a bit, so he couldn’t see me straight away, and I say “come in,” in the sexiest voice I have. “That’s what she said.” He says with the horniest smirk while entering. Once he’s in I close the door quickly and pin him on the wall and kiss him eagerly. I’ve been waiting so long. He kisses back, quickly deepening the kiss. He puts his hands on my curve between the thighs and breasts, and starts stroking it. I let out a moan. He’s so good at this.

His name’s Nash Overstreet, we were in the same class in high school. One day we were at this party and it seemed like everyone was with his or her girl- or boyfriend, we were the forever alone persons. We spend the whole night talking, dancing, and just enjoying the party when suddenly we were kissing. Somehow we ended up having sex. Strange thing is we both were virgins. Anyway, after avoiding each other for a while we met at another party. Again, forever alone story. We talked it through and agreed we didn’t have any feelings for each other and we would just stay friends. Somehow our friendship faded. Until we met again at a party, we both love parties, and ended up having sex again. It still felt good, but we didn’t want to ruin our just regained friendship and we didn’t want a relationship. On the other side, we liked each other’s company and we both admitted it felt really good, again. We agreed on this ‘friends with benefits’-thing. Having sex without having a relationship. No strings attached. Just sex. And he’s amazing.  So here he was, at one of our ‘dates’, at my place. Doing exactly what I expect him to do, what I want him to do.

We slowly make our way to my bedroom, kissing and leaving clothing lying at the floor. When we enter my room, all I’m still wearing are my bra and panties. Nash is still wearing his jeans. He gives me the sexiest French kiss then throws me on my bed.  He walks to my radio and presses play, romantic music starts to play. I never change the disc in my CD-player. He then walks back to the bed and lies down on top of me, starting to kiss my face. Starting at the corner of my lips he works down my cheek, neck and then starts kissing my boobs. My hands find his hair, suddenly he turns me around, making me lie face down. He unlocks my bra and throws it away. I now turn around, facing him again. I bite my bottom-lip, my arms above my head. He looks at me, at my body. It annoys me a bit, he didn’t have to look at my body to know how it looks, he’s seen my body hundreds of times! After a few moments I sit up a bit, stroking his chest with my hands. I love his chest, the way it feels when I caress it, the way it feels lying on top of me, the way it looks with its tattoos, it’s so sexy.

Next, I unzip his pants, making him join in again. He lets me pull his pants down, revealing his boxer, and at the same time his boner. It feels great to see Willy again, we nicknamed him Willy, and I suddenly feel the urge to feel him in me. I speed everything up a little, but when I want to pull off my panties, he stops me. I look up to his face when he crashes his lips against mine. I kiss back eagerly, and grab his ass. He has the most perfect ass, by the way. Then I pull off his boxers and he finally pulls off my panties. He lays me back down at the bed and enters me. I moan and so does he. I put my legs around his thigh. He speeds up and when we’re both satisfied he rests his body on mine again. “That was great.” He whispers in my ear. His warm breath tickles, causing a last moan. “You were great too, as always.” I reply. I love the weight of his body on mine. Satisfied but tired, I kiss his neck. Then I let my tongue circle his skin. I hear his breath speeding again. I explore his back with my small fingers, the little pit where his spine is, its end near his perfect ass, his shoulder blades. I rest my hands on his shoulder blades and turn my head to hiss. His eyes stare right into mine. He has the cutest eyes. He gives me a soft kiss on my nose. I love this man, I think as I look at his eyes again. Then I realize what I was just thinking. Did I really think I loved him? This wasn’t supposed to happen. We agreed on sex without feelings! I pushed the thought away as an aftermath of the amazing sex and focused on his lips. We kiss again. I can’t help but to think his lips are so soft. When he breaks apart he cups his hand around my face, stares into my eyes with as if he’s trying to tell me something. After a few moments he shakes his head, almost unnoticeable, and rests his forehead on mine. We lay like this for a while. It’s calming.

Suddenly I notice the CD stopped playing, I must’ve dozed off. Then I notice Nash is still on top of me. He must’ve dozed off too. I look at my clock, Nash should’ve been gone by now. He’ll be late if he doesn’t leave soon. He’s never late for his weekly writing appointment  with Ryan. So I shake Nash a little. Nash stirs. “Wake up, Nashty, you’ll be late for your date with Ryan.” I whisper softly. He wakes up and smiles at me “What time is it?” his voice sounds a little raw. “You need to leave soon.” I tell him. “Soon, just not now. Let me enjoy this a little longer.” He says as he holds me a little tighter. I smile, “Okay, but it’s not my date.” Then he rolls on his back, but because he’s still holding me, I roll on top of him, causing my hair to fall around his face. He puts a strand of hair behind my ear, “I love you.” He mutters under his breath.