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High School Never Ends - Harry Styles
Story published November 16, 2012 · updated May 12, 2013 · 313 pages · 102,336 readers · 1,617,992 reads
Chapter Five
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Chapter Five

"What the fuck was that, Alia?"
Eleanor ran into the girls locker room and shouted,
"What the fuck happened?! You told me to get here as soon as possible and I blew Louis Tomlinson off!"
"He's a nerd, get over it- He'll follow you like a puppy any day."
"No El, you should go this isn't that serious," I tried. I don't want them to make a huge deal out of this. One kiss. Two. One that they know of.
"What happened?"
"Alia here," Danielle shot me a look, "Made out with Harry."
Eleanor's eyes popped out and she ran closer to us saying, "Lou can wait! What? How?!"
I sighed and sat down not wanting to go into detail but these two would never let me go that easily. They were going to get the whole story out one way or another. I might as well do it the easy way.
"Harry and I kissed."
"Madeout," Danielle corrected. "What? Where?!"
"In a classroom."
"On a desk?"
Eleanor smirked making me roll my eyes. "Yes."
"Five minutes ago when Danielle ran in!"
Eleanor pushed Danielle making her laugh. "She was going to screw him right then and there!"
"I was not!"
Danielle rolled her eyes and said, "you were both so into it though, it was quite cute."
"Shut up."
"Wait, do you fancy him? What happened to Jake? I thought that you liked him?"
"Did you not see the embarrassing thing that happened in the cafeteria?"
Eleanor shrugged and sat down on the bench across from me. "Well are you mad at Harry?"
"She was sucking his face off, how could she be mad?"
I pushed Danielle harder than Eleanor did making her tumble over then glare at me. "Are you upset about Jake?"
"But Harry took her mind off things."
I glared making her laugh. She's the jokey one, El's the one who wants to know about your problem's. Not that Danielle isn't caring, she is when it's serious. Things like this she liked to take the piss out of.
"So how did it happen? you ran out of the cafeteria to the classroom then he just walked in and kissed you?"
"No we fought first."
"That's hot- sorry."
I laughed then looked at Eleanor. "We were just arguing then he... kinda, you know. Kissed me."
She smiled widely and said, "We can both date nerds!"
"No! I'm not dating him i just... I like kissing him. That's all."
"you don't like his company?"
"I love it but we can't date you guys. I do not fancy Harry."
Danielle sat next to Eleanor and rolled her perfectly shaped eyes. "Keep trying to convince yourself that, Hun."
"Shut up. What about you and Liam, huh?"
Her cheeks flushed and she looked down, caught in the act.
"He's cute is all."
"bullshit," I said making her look up and glare. Payback.
"It's true! I don't fancy him!"
"You so do."
"Does it matter?" 
We both looked at Eleanor who looked sad. "Even if you did fancy Harry and you Liam, we couldn't do anything about it so let's stop talking about it because it's never going to happen. We are popular cheerleaders and they are smart nerds. We don't mix, we don't talk, we don't hang out and we certainly don't date so let's just stop talking about it."
She stood up and walked off in a huff. I looked at Danielle with wide eyes. "She's pissed."
"No, she's upset, rightfully so," I corrected. "She was being serious about Louis?"
"Yes Dani! Of course she was! She really likes him, don't you know that already?"
"Yea but I thought it was just like... a fantasy. Like the hot chick goes for the nerd, you know?"
I pulled a face making her laugh. "We need to talk to her."
"I need to talk to you first, Alia."
I nodded then sat back down. "What's up?"
"Do you fancy Harry? I'm not joking now, I'm being dead serious."
I looked into her eyes and saw kindness. "I don't know, honestly. I don't think so."
"What happens when you kiss?"
"We... kiss?"
"No I mean like within you."
"I don't know Dani! My stomach curls and my skin get's goose bumps all over it and I feel so weird but does that matter? It doesn't mean anything."
"It does, love. That doesn't happen when I kiss someone."
"Whatever, we need to find Eleanor."
I took her arm and dragged her from the locker rooms. "You can't distract yourself from your problem's by dealing with other people's problems. You matter as well Alia."
"I don't," I muttered hoping that she didn't hear. If she did, she didn't push me any further on the topic. She knew how insecure I was. She wouldn't make me talk about my problems. I'm a suffer in silence kind of person, I weep into my pillow not in other people's arms.
"El! Wait up," I called chasing after the curly haired girl. "I'm sorry, it's just a hard pill to swallow."
I nodded and pulled her into a tight hug that Danielle joined in when she caught up to us. "You'll be fine."
"I'm thinking of dropping out of cheer."
Danielle and I pulled away and stared at her. "What?" Danielle spoke first. "I want to quit cheer."
"No! you can't."
"Why not?"
"We need you," Danielle stated making me roll my eyes. "I don't think you should quit El, just give it some time. Rather be on the squad and date Louis than be off and date him, right?"
"I'll be off if I date him anyway."
"I'll fight for you."
"Me too," Danielle chirped. No one can say no to the head cheerleader. "Hey guys!"
I turned around and felt my cheeks burn when I saw three boys running up to us. Louis, Niall and Harry. Harry. My heart skipped a beat and I felt my whole body light up on fire.
"We were planning on watching a movie with the projector and some movies Kelly and Jake brought, wanna join?"
I looked at Harry for a second and saw him flash me his winning smile. "Sure," Danielle said before El and I could deny the offer. "You okay, love?"
I smiled as Louis spoke softly to Eleanor and took her hand thinking that no one would notice. They would be the sweetest couple ever. "Hi!"
I looked at the Irish boy and smiled. "Hello, how are you?"
"I'm brilliant! Do you like scary movies?" That's random. "Uhm... I guess they are okay? do you?" He smiled exposing his clear braces. "Love em'."
I smiled and Felt Harry step into pace at my other side as we all walked with Dani, El and Louis in the front of us. "Can I tell you something?" I smiled at Niall liking is confidence. He seemed nervous and insecure at the same time. "Sure!"
He leaned forward making my breathing slow. "You are very beautiful."
I smiled and looked down. "Thank you, not too bad yourself," I teased making him smile and shake his head. Harry suddenly walked forward, his shoulder hitting mine as he did. He started walking next to Danielle, talking to them.
"What's his deal?"
I shrugged and felt Niall's fingers brush mine as we walked. 
Once we all got settled in the auditorium and Zayn and Liam had set up the projector the movie started. I quickly took the seat next to Harry while Niall sat on my other side. We were watching Arthur. I laughed at Russel brand and saw Niall's lips twitch, he was fighting a smile. "Just laugh!"
He turned to me wide eyed, and then suddenly burst out laughing with me. 
"Could you two keep it down?" Harry snapped making me look at him. My smile dropped when I saw his angry face. I frowned and studied his face for two seconds before he turned his attention back to the movie. 
I tried something that I normally don't have to do. I just felt weird knowing that Harry was angry with me. I let my knuckles slowly brush Harry's. He jerked his hand away and locked his fingers together in his lap. What's his problem? 
He ignored me for the rest of the movie and even when I was finished getting dressed and climbing into bed. I lay next to him and saw him instantly roll over, not facing me. Tonight he wasn't wearing a shirt and it was driving me crazy.
"Harry," I whispered knowing that everyone else had dozed off. "Harry?"
"What do you want?"
I jumped at his harsh voice and bit my lip. Why did this rush of sadness wash over me?
"I-I er..."
He sighed and spat, "Goodnight Alia."

Moody much, Harry? Hope you enjoyed it :) Comment maybe? :)