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Wwe superstars one of a kind one shots
Story published November 17, 2012 · updated 6 months ago · 58 pages · 1,311 readers · 8,461 reads
kofi kingston
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Kofi kingston

coming soon!
so u were on raw and it was about an hour before the show and so  u were orede so u decided to pull a prank on kofi he was ur best friend ever since u came to the wwe u were two peas in a pot
so u decided to put a bucket of cold water since he was taking a shower and went the water stopped u decided to pretend u dont notice
he came out and the water fell on him literally got cover with cold water
kofi-w-wh-who-who-di-did th-i-s-s
me-what happend oh my god ur so cold
kofi-no-n-o re-rea-real-lly-
me-omg i cant help it anymore i'm sorry hahahahahahahah
kofi-u got three seconds to run
me-ohh i'm so scared
kofi-2 2 and a half
me-i'm i'l,l see u later bye
so he chased me around and around untill i hd behind kane
kane-hey what are u doing
me-hide me
kane-from who
kane-ohh did he find out he liked u
kane-well soon or later he wil girly girl
me-oh shut it here he comes hide me
kofi-have u seen _____ kane
kane-no why did she find out u like her
kofi-no why u didnt tell her right
kane-nope but she's going to know sooner or later
kofi-i pick later i gotta go bye *he went running *
kane-told ya
me-yup i have to go to my match bye
kane-bye and good luck kiddo
so u went back to ur locker room and changed nto ur attire
u went out to ur theme and did ur thing then got in the ring and eve came out and u guys started to wrestle and u were going to do the ddt but miz came and distratced u then kofi came out and attacked miz and u attactedeve and went for the cover and won ur match then kofi came in and hugged u on ur win and then got a microphone
kofi-congrats _______
kofi-can u please pay attention to the titron
u looked and saw that they were pictures of u and kofi hanging out and on his and ur birthday and at the end it said "______ will u be my girl forver and my special star "
kofi-will u _______
me-yes kofi yes *crying *
kofi-i love u ______
me-i love u too kofi forever and always *kiss*
after a few yrs of daitng kofi proposed to u on the beach on ur birthday and got married went to ur honeymoon to his home town and eventually got preganant with2 wonderful little kids a boy and a girl named ________ and ________
and they went to the wwe and got married too soon