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This Was Different (Shane Dawson Love Story) Finished
Story published November 18, 2012 · updated March 9, 2013 · completed · 140 pages · 5,730 readers · 48,388 reads
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"Can you invite Alice over here?" I heard from afar, as I was leaning against the railings in the front entrance of the high school. Talking to Shanna and Bree.
"Yo, Alice!" I heard Shane call. Making me slightly giggle as I felt a certain emotion through my body.
"Here's so weird," Bree said. "Just like you."
"I know." I whispered. Putting down my Vitamin Water and sliding down the railings and onto the sidewalk. Walking over towards the trees, I stood next to Shane.
"I need you both to lie down." Looking at Shane; I didn't really understand what I was getting myself into. Lying down as my hair fell into the bottom curls, my breathe caught as I was lying down next to Shane; his eyes in sudden luminance in the spring sun. "She's good, you're so tall. We have to even it out when you fall."
Watching as Shane moved down and laid down for a second as the crew was getting the rest of the camera's, I slightly laughed at nothing as the sound of leaves was around us. Shane turned his head towards me, asking.
"What's so funny?" He said smiling, as he was dressed up in Switch.
Smiling, I said "Nothing."
"All right, let's start from the top!" The director called, and I saw the guy who was doing behind the scenes. Raising my eyebrows slightly as Shane and I got up, Shane grinned.
"Right now, we're about to make out." Slapping his tongue to the top, I jumped forward and messed up his hair.
"Yeaaaah." I said, playing along. The guy laughed.
"It's been a long time comin'" I raised my eyebrow slightly and just pushed it aside.
Smirking slightly, I winked to the camera. "I've been wanting to make out with a girl for such a long time."
Shane laughing hard, he played too. "And I've been wanting to make out with a red head...NEVER." Gasping hard at his words, as the voice was serious, I stepped forward and hip checked him to the ground, as he fell, I laughed.
"Oh, you wanna play that game?" I heard the smirk in his voice. And next thing I knew, my ankle was grabbed and tugged slightly. Making me fall onto the ground and onto Shane's legs.
"Come on, guys!" The director called and I sighed.
"Just a quick scene, Alice." Shane smiled.
Shaking my head slightly, I just said. "Sure, sure."
Getting up with Shane and helping him up. I wiped myself off of the dirt and leaves. "You have a leaf in your hair." I heard Shane say, looking up, he got a small leaf out of my hair.
Looking up at him, I cleared my throat slightly and whispered. "Thanks."
"No problem." His white smile made me sigh slightly.
"One...Two...Three...Action!" The Director called, and I fell down with Shane, our feet toppling slightly up as we sat back up. My laugh becoming natural as a slight breeze hit us both. The crew standing by, watching as we 'acted' naturally. Looking at Shane as he moved a piece of hair out my eyes, my eye landed on his as his was green with a natural teal blue hitting inside the lines. Next thing I knew, Shane had his hand on cheek and was leaning forward. His lips on mine and such softness, we kissed underneath the sunlight of leaves from the trees. Smiling, the cameras were among us. My eyes closen and my smile arose; we fell back once more and continued.
"And, cut!' I heard the director call. "That's it! Just a couple things left!"
Letting out a sigh and looking at Shane as we sat up again.
"So..." Shane elbowed me. "How was it?"
"How was what?" I asked, as I blew a piece of curl out my hair.
"This kiss for you." Shane said his voice jokingly.
My eye brow raised as I wanted to respond in the truth, but I didn't. Scratching my arm slightly, I slightly laughed as I knew the softness of his lips was left on mine. The warmth on his hand on my cheek as the beating of his heart was inside mine, I couldn't say that. "You got so work to do." Patting his knee, I got up and walked away. Turning my head slightly, I winked.
"You too!" I heard Shane call.

"Fighting for your love for all this time." I hummed to myself as Shane was preforming the parts of the song that all the people were dancing to. Not part of my part, I sat down inside the school halls, where Bree was sitting with me. "What I gotta do to make you mine. Got no super speed but I'm running this town. If you get in my way, Imma take you down."
Bree giggled at me.
"What?" I asked, as I was thinking of the instrumental inside my mind.
Bree smiled, as I looked at her. "Just you."
Raising my eyebrow, I had thrown my hair up into a ponytail and styled it with a blue bow. "I believe, I do not understand."
"You never do." She shrugged.
"Of course not, I'm not bright." I said.
Bree scooted over and whacked me at the top of the head. "Oh, don't start this again!"
"Owe!" I yelled. Making a few people turn and look at me. I took moved over to whack her at the top of the head, but she moved out of the way as I swung.
"Ha!" She said. And moved over again as I turned and pouted. "Just shut up about that, okay?"
"No. Because I deny everything."
"I really think you shouldn't." Bree rolled her eyes at me.
"Whatever." I sighed, playing with my Vitamin Water in my hands, which was empty. "I have every reason too."
"What that's supposed to mean?" Bree asked.
Making a face as I glanced at my wrists and my feet. "Just past things."
"Alice," Bree said quietly.
"It's nothing."
"Nothing isn't nothing. It’s something." Bree said instantly. "Everyone has a past; including you."
"And sometimes the past isn't to be discussed." I said, getting up and wiping my pants legs off. Looking down at her. "It's nothing now, and won't be done again."
"What won't?" Bree pressed.
"You mean something," She hissed. As she was getting impatient with the playing of my words.
"What's something?" Shane asked, breathing hard suddenly as he was starting to walk towards us, holding a water bottle in his hands.
"It's--" Bree tried to say.
"Nothing." I smiled in a fake way. Bree narrowed her eyes in annoyment. Narrowing my eyes at her I looked at her. She, Shane and no one needed to know of my past. It was forever going to be mine. And no one was supposed to know.
"Oh, okay." Shane said. Letting out a breathe; he put his elbow on my shoulder. "It's dark out, time to go. I suppose."

Shanna eating the camera this time, I slightly let out a laugh as Shane clicked off the iPhone for his Daily Vlog.
"Bree, can you bring me home? My phone is dead." I asked.
"I can bring you home." Shane offered.
Slightly laughing as I turned and looked at him, "You had me captive last night."
"I gotta bring you home anyways; I'm going to Lisa's after." Shane shrugged.
"Bree?" I asked, as I turned and looked at her.
Bree shrugged too. "Whatever which."
Looking at Shane, he smiled. "I'll go with you." I said and I jumped forward, standing next to Shane and smiling at Shanna and Bree.
"All right, see you later Shane and Alice!" Bree and Shanna said their goodbyes. Nodding and looking up at Shane, he smiled.
"Time to go." He said. Following after and climbing into his car, I put my head against the passenger seat.
"I'm running out of time. I hope I can save you somehow." I sung quietly as I played with my dead iPhone in my hands. My car in the auto shop, that's why I had to be brought to places. Sighing slightly as I looked down the road as we drove. Shane was humming the instrumental. "If I, if I had super powers..."
"I save the world and you would be mine, mine." Smiling slightly as Shane sung the rest. I looked at him one more time as I closed my eyes.