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Guard of Love (Alec Volturi Love Story)
Story published November 18, 2012 · updated December 12, 2012 · 20 pages · 2,505 readers · 15,006 reads
The Fight
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The Fight

Amber's POV

I walked through the hallways as Jane told me that Aro called me well us. I wish Alec was there though, I have a tiny crush on him but it's only a crush right? Anyways, as I was walking down the hallways I saw some interesting things like antique vases, an ancient frame and some other cool stuff. 

I walke through the massive door and saw the others.

"Master you called me?" I asked.

"Yes my dear Amber, today is the day were we go to the Cullen's and kill the immortal child" I nodded at his order. Poor kid.

"And I'm going with?" I said asking who's with me.

"All of us, my dear one" Aro said.

"We? Meaning all of us?" I asked.

"You ask to much questions, child" Aro stated. I nodded.

"We shall go now" Aro ordered.

All of us were wearing redish black coats. We went to an alley and knew that the Cullen's have different clans helping them. We ran to Forks. Vampire Style. It was snow. The snow was whiter than ever, I would love to play but we have a mission to accomplish. To Kill The Immortal Child. We walked to the place were the Cullen's are. I soon knew a girl named Alice had a vision that we were coming so the Cullen's seem to know that we were coming. 

We finally stopped our tracks when we saw a quite amount of vampires. They planned to attack us. How dare them? I automatically knew that Edward was trying to read my thoughts. Bella has a mental shield ability. I immediatley inform master.

"Master it seems it would be hard to fight them, as Bella Swan has a mental shield ability" I whispered on Aro's ear. 

I backed away alittle making me go beside Alec. I looked at him and he smiled evilly. I gave him a confused look. He just shook his head. Iheard some chuckling behind. Felix and Demetri. I glared at the two of them. They just shook their heads still chuckling. Urgh.

The guy name Carlisle have some harsh words but he says it in a calm way. Wow wish I can do that so Jane won't glared at me and I'll have pain if I don't have my mental shield on.

They kept talking about stuff.

"Can you see she has red cheeks. Meaning she has blood pumping on her heart" Carlisle exclaimed. This can only be one thing, she's a hybrid.

"She's a Hybrid, I see" I suddenly blurt that out. Everyone's eyes were on me. I'm so dead.

"Sorry. I guess I thought out loud" Felix and Demetri were chuckling. If a vampire can blush from embarassment, I'll be a spaghetti sauce face.

"Yes she is indeed a hybrid!" Edward exclaimed. Which made me have widened eyes.

"We don't know if a hybrid is dangerous, because we never encountered one" Aro said turning to us. Caius and Marcus nodded with agreement.

"Wait!" A pixie haired girl said. She was walking with a guy with blonde hair. Hmm... His name is Jasper. Casper the ghost. Jasper, Casper.

"Alice! I'm glad to see you" Aro exclaimed dramtically, for me. He acts happy but trust me he's just a drama king.

Some guards stopped them from coming near to Aro.

"I want to talk to Aro" The guards looked at Aro and Aro nodded once.

"Read my thoughts" Alice begged. Aro tooked her hand and his face turned into the usual where he reads thoughts through touch.

I saw everything from Alice's vision, the fights, I die, Alex dies, Jane dies,  Carlisle dies and the worst in the Volturi's history, Aro dies. That's shocking. Well, Aro was nice to me through my first days, so he's a bit important to me.

Aro gasped.

"We'll leave in peace" Aro stated. The others widened eye.

"Till' we see each other.... Again" Aro said.

"Sorry about the Fight"

Sorry for the small chapter. I just wanted to put the love story of Alec and Amber soon after the fight so yeah.
Sorry if there are some words mispelled, I just used iPad for this chapter. My sister won't let me use MY laptop. My little sister just pisses me off All THE TIME. Anyways, who watched Breaking Dawn Part 2 already? Comment what you like about Breaking Dawn Part 2. I will read it and reply on it if I have much time....



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