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Fun murder mystery riddle! Test your intelligence!
Story published November 18, 2012 · 2 pages · 18,667 readers · 35,915 reads
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The answer is in the 2nd chapter, people!
          Good evening, detective. It's been over twenty years, glad to see you're still in the business.
This time, however, even your prowess may not suffice....

        It was on Sunday, March 21, 1954. Gorgeous day, to say the least. But believe it or not, some of the worst crimes have been committed on even the nicest of days.
        Sinclair Mansion, home of the wealthy Sinclair family in Manhattan. Inside lived Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair, along with a daughter and a son. The only people who had been associating with the family lately Mr. Handy the family butler, Sanji the family chef, and Ms. Patti the maid, and John Locke, the mailman who was responsible for delivering the family's letters and nearby families. At the time of the crime however, it has not yet been proven that anybody was in the house beside the family. That afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair, and their children, were lying in a pool of blood.
In any case, the four people mentioned earlier are the prime suspects for the decade's most horrific massacre. 
        You ponder upon the facts that was given to you, but you cannot draw any conclusions.
       "Detective, we have the suspects in custody, in room 101. Come, we'd like you to do the interrogation."
       "Right, sir." You reply.
 After being leading the police chief to room 101, before you sits Mr. Handy, the Sinclair family butler. You ask,
        "What were you doing on the afternoon of the murder, sir?" 
        "Eh, I was taking a bubble bath next to the record player on high, I didn't hear any scream. I couldn't have committed the crime." He replied.
 He was then shooed out of the room, and Sanji the chef was ushered in.
        "What were you doing on the afternoon of the murder, sir?"
        "I was preparing TV Dinners for the family, I didn't even have a knife, nor did I hear any screams, I couldn't have committed the murders.
 Then he was taken out, and John Locke the mailman sat down.
        "What were you doing on the afternoon of the murder, sir?"
        "Sir, I was out of the house delivering mail to other residents. It couldn't have been me."
Finally, Ms. Patti sat down as John Locke left.
        "What were you doing on the afternoon of the murder, ma'am?" 
        "Gee, well, I was tidying up Mr. Sinclair's trophy room, is all. I didn't hear nuthin', I didn't do it!"

She was quickly ushered out, and you sat thinking to yourself who had committed the deed. After pondering for several hours, you realize that the answer was obvious.
        "By George, I think I've got it!" You exclaim.


---------------------------------------> Next Chapter for answer.