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My Harry and Ginny love story
Story published November 20, 2012 · 6 pages · 35 readers · 91 reads
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This is Harry Potter, his parents where murdered by The Dark Lord Voldermourt, when he did kill Harry's parents he also needed Harry dead too but when he casted the spell it rebounded off of Harry and hit the Dark Lord himself. Thats how Harry got the nickname " The Boy Who Lived ". Before Harry's parents died his mother Lilly went over to there dear friends the Weasleys house to discuss that if her and James ( Harry's Father ) where to be killed that they must take Harry in that way her rude sister and her husband plus there newborn son wont treat Harry so badly cause hes diffrent. After Lilly was done talking Mrs. Weasley and Mr. Weasley agreed to take Harry in and treat him like one of there's. Lilly went home to find a note from Professer. Dumbldore on the porch for her which had this on it.


Dear Lilly,

If you have found a place for Harry to stay when you pass can you please come to the Minertsy of Magic to tell me at 4:00 this evening that way the Minister will know where we take the young lad. I have confermned with the Minister that Peter is your new Peacekeeper not Surius plus that Surius is the Godfather of Harry so Goodday now.


Professer. Albus Dumbldore