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Is age really just a number...
Story published November 20, 2012 · updated November 28, 2012 · completed · 2 pages · 1,970 readers · 3,290 reads
Meet Zoella
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Meet Zoella

Hi i'm Zoella Richmans, I'm 19 And will be turning "Drum roll please"  20 in 4 weeks to be honest i can't wait i know alot of people are like no 20 am so old no but nope not for me i have a great life i mean i'm a model every girls dream i can eat without putting weight on i have a beautiful house, Only thing missing is my soul mate It's not that am picking am not i just want that perfect guy to come and sweap me off my feet, everytime you see him your knees go jelly that kinda love is the kind i want but now i seem to have no luck.I'm from australila sydney to be honest but in less than a weeks time am flying to melborne baby. But not for a holiday for work i mean am sure we will get time out to look around but its work and i must remain sensible no matter how cute there clothes will be.

1.I have blue eyes WHOO 
2.I'm only 5'3 short i know 
3.I love pinks and reds
4.My turn on's are lip piecing
5.I never have bit my nails but there not long only so you can't see skin
6.I like accept heel lengths
7.I can't draw
8.I Love JustinBieber
9.I love pigs 
10.I love st bereands I think thats how its spelt 

bye for now 

I hope to see you all soon