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A Stagnant Soul (Soul Eater Evans x Reader x Death the Kid L
Story published November 22, 2012 · updated July 18, 2013 · 13 pages · 5,841 readers · 21,422 reads
An Unstable Soul
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An Unstable Soul

You groaned as you felt someone shaking you, not in the mood to go to school today.  “(fn), get up!  I want to most time possible to make you symmetrical!” Kid shouted, flailing his arms around randomly.  You groggily opened your eyes, fixating a firm glare in his direction.  Of course, he was already ready to go to school. 

“Kid, give me…like…five minutes,” you grumbled in reply, pulling the covers over your eyes.  He dragged you out of bed mercilessly, getting started.

~one hour later~

Looking at yourself in the full-body mirror, your eyes widened.  “Kid, why did you dress me up in fancy clothes?” You asked, turning towards him.  He smiled.

“Do you like it?  I wanted you to be perfect!” He chimed, looking at you with approval.  You blinked owlishly before nodding your agreement.  You had on a short black skirt and a long-sleeved white button up shirt.  Also, you sported a sleeveless light pink vest over your white button-up shirt.  In addition to that, you had a black bow tied around your neck and white thigh-high socks with mini pink bows on them.  Your [e/c] eyes lit up when you saw the Oxfords in the same color as your vest. 

“Almost late again, huh,” Maka stated, making you blush slightly as you took your seat next to Kid.

“It’s not my fault someone took too long trying to make sure all of the candle lengths were even,” you retorted, not caring to disguise your irritation.  Soul chuckled and Maka smiled at you. 

“You look cute, (fn)!” She and Tsubaki said in unison, Tsubaki’s tone being more soft and gentle while Maka’s was excited and rushed.

“Thanks,” you replied, a genuine smile gracing your face.  It got quiet as Stein came into the room.

“Students, I have to talk to Lord Death about something, so you all can go to lunch early,” he said, concern on his face.

You walked next to Kid, watching Soul and Maka make jokes and laugh in front of you.  Biting your lip, you tried to muster up the courage to ask Soul on a date.  Come on, (fn)…just ask him if he wants to hang out after school.  It’s easy.  Don’t be a pussy. 

As you and the group sat down at the table, you tried to figure out the best way to ask him.  Your face turned crestfallen as you saw Maka’s hands all over Soul.  Well, that’s just to be expected from the meister-weapon pair.  Looking away, you debated on whether or not to still ask him; you had no clue if he was dating Maka or not.

You cast a glance over at Maka and Soul again, a wistful smile tugging at the edges of your lips.  Burrowing your face into your arms, you didn’t want anyone to see the sad expression on your face.  “(FN), are you okay?” Kid asked with a worried expression.  Looking up at him, you plastered on a fake smile to hide your conflicted emotions. 

“I’m just tired,” you replied, resting your chin on your forearm.  Your eyes taking on a dull look as you frowned.  “I didn’t really get enough sleep last night.  I had nightmares,” you admitted.  Technically, that wasn’t a complete lie.  “Perhaps I’m getting sick,” you mused to yourself, rubbing your eyes for effect. 

Kid turned away, unsure of what to say.  Across the table, Black Star averted his eyes and glared at Soul.  Why can’t I say it? You thought exasperatedly.  Why can’t I just tell him I love him?  Getting up, you left the room without a glance back, making everyone looked at you with a confused expression. 

“What’s wrong with (fn)?” Maka asked obliviously.  Maka and Soul were undoubtedly the only ones that didn’t know your feelings for the white-haired scythe. 

“She’s…just tired,” Tsubaki replied, everyone going back to eating their lunch.  “Maybe we should give her some time,” she suggested lightly, worried for her friend.  Lately, your soul had been slightly emotionally unstable, and Kid could feel it because of the intricately-woven relationship that meister and weapon usually had. 

“I’ll go look for her,” Kid said, getting up and walking out the room after making sure his outfit was perfect and symmetrical.  Everyone watched as Kid walked out, leaving just Black Star, Tsubaki, Soul and Maka. 


“Lord Death, I’m not feeling well.  Do you think I could leave school early?” You asked, looking at a concerned Stein in the corner.

“Sure, go get your rest so you can be nice and strong tomorrow.  Bye!”  He shoved you out of the Death Room.  Walking out and closing the door, you made your way to lockers, pulling out the stuff you needed and shoving it in the bag carelessly.

“Hey, where are you going?”

“BWAH!”  You whirled around to face Kid, your eyes wide.  “Oh, it’s just you, Kid.  I told you before…I wasn’t feeling well, so I’m going home,” you replied to him, not quite meeting his eyes.  “Your father told me it was okay,” she added.  His expression was unreadable for a second before he smiled. 

“I hope you feel better.  I’ll be home soon,” he replied.  You blinked, looking into his yellow eyes. 

“Thanks,” you replied, turning on the heel and walking out of the door, blinking tears from your eyes.  You knew the situation was just going to fester, but you still couldn’t find the courage to ask Soul. 

~After School~

You glared hard at the piece of paper, a slight scowl on your face and a pencil in your hand.  You were so concentrated that you didn’t even notice Kid enter your room.  (You can make your bedroom whatever you want.)  The tip of the pencil was pressed against the paper lightly as your jaw clenched.

“What are you doing?” You flinched at the sound of Kid’s voice from behind you.  You brushed your hair out of your eyes, picking up the pencil that you had dropped. 

“It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow,” you replied swiftly before reverting back to your previous state of concentration.  “I’m rather fond of that holiday, actually.”  A melancholy smile graced your face.  “I’m planning something.”  Kid could feel your soul’s confused aura.  “So get out,” you demanded, pushing him out.

You leaned back, letting out a satisfied sigh as you looked down at all the cards you had made, your eyes lingering on a single white figure for longer than the rest.  Lying down in your bed, you stared out the window before sleep wrapped its arms around your mind before submerging you into a jet-black pool of slumber. 

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