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Wesley Stromberg
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Wesley Stromberg

Imagine for Brooklynne 

"Stop it Wesley! I saw you!" I screamed at him, tears streaming down my face. And you know when I'm mad at him, because I always call him Wes. 

"I didn't mean to though!" He tried to protest. But I couldn't take it anymore. 

I stormed out of the house and started walking along the beach, but more like jogging. I was crying uncontrollably, and I don't think I was going to stop anytime soon. 

Seeing your boyfriend of two years, kissing another girl, rips my heart out. To be honest though, I've seen Wes kiss other girls before. That's even more worse, is that this isn't the only time. 

I heard my name being called from Wesley's mouth from the distance, but I kept walking. Footsteps were pounding against the ground and all of a sudden I felt arms on my shoulders and spin me around. 

Lips pressed hard against my mouth. I shoved Wes off of me and then stormed back to the beach house. 

"Please wait!" He shouted and ran towards me. 

I was right at the door when Wesley grabbed my waist to stop me from going inside. "Please, you have no idea how much I actually do love you, and how much I need you in my life. Yeah, I know I messed up before. A lot. But that sure doesn't mean that I don't care and love you, because I do. With all my heart, every second and minute of the day. Sure, I may not be the smartest guy around but I know when I see a girl that is perfect in every way. And that's you. I wouldn't be the same if you just walked out. I swear.. I will stop doing whatever I'm doing if you need me. I'll get you everything you want, I'll- I'll do anything." He started choking up a bit. "I love you. Please don't leave." 

This was the first time I ever saw him cry, in all the two years we've been together, this is officially the first time I've seen him cry face to face. So I reached up and touched his face lightly. "I won't leave Wes." I whispered. 

He looked up from the ground he was staring at. "You won't?"

"Wes," I started, "I would never leave you, because I love you too."  

I saw his face tilt up even a little more. "Why? Why, I've been so horrible to you, you deserve way more." 

I shook my head, smiling even a little bit, "you are not horrible in any way, you are amazing. Trust me. Everyone loves you, including me. You're perfect and you treat me so well, you're nice, funny, you are always there when I need you. Sure you have done some.... mistakes.. but that doesn't mean I don't like you any less." 

This time he had a huge grin on his face and he picked me up bridal style and opened the back door to the house. "Well come on my princess." He said before he kissed me passionately, the kiss that had the most feeling and power behind it. I really do love Wesley Stromberg. And Wesley Stromberg loves me.