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L.A. Boys ~A Mindless Behavior Love Story~
Story published November 22, 2012 · updated October 5, 2013 · 21 pages · 439 readers · 5,825 reads
Between/After the
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Between/After the show

Nobodys POV

Prod: *Singing the song*
Keke: Alrightt *Kanye Shrugs and Starts to dance with him*
Prod: *Spins you around*

Keke's POV
I Feel all special and junk 

End of POV
Prod: *Starts to sing the end of the song* 
After the song ended, Ray makes an announcement to end the show, and everyone leaves and and you jade norey and dessy goes backstage and the boys go to their dressing rooms.

Jade: How was show you guys 
Dessy: Great especially when i got pulled on stage by ray though 
Norey: Right same way that i felt when i pulled on stage with prince 
Jade: But yall should know getting pulled on stage by roc royal is a whole different story
Keke: it was aiiight i just didnt want to get pulled on stage though and i could have sworn i told prodigy not to pull me on that stage 
Jade: Oh 
Keke: im so mad i just want to punch a person in their face
DEssy: Your that mad
Keke: Well not that mad 
The boys come back
Keke: Im so mad at you prod *Folds her hands and listens to music*
Roc: Whats up with her
Prod: She Didnt want me to pull her on stage and now she "Hates" me
Dessy: She wants to punch you in the face
Jade: Guess what 
Norey: What
Keke: *takes of headphones* CHICKEN BUTT!
Ray: You a crackhead
Jade: I wanna go H-O-M-E
Prince: Alright 
Keke: Ill drive *Takes out her keys*
Prince: I perfer not to die today *Snaches her keys out her hand*
Keke: Meany
Prince: MIdget