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L.A. Boys ~A Mindless Behavior Love Story~
Story published November 22, 2012 · updated October 5, 2013 · 21 pages · 439 readers · 5,825 reads
The House
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The House


Dessy: I'm surprised nobody didn't pull you off of stage prince being the most popular person IN mindless behavior
Prince: I kept my distance from the edge
Keke: Hecky yea i would if i was you
Jade: I'm hungry
Roc: You always complaining
Jade: That's my thing got a problem
Roc: *Puts his hands up in surrender* No alright 

Norey: I'm hungry to i can't lie
Prod: Didn't y'all eat at the concert
Dessy: The line was like 2 miles long be the time we got up there we would have missed the concert

Ray: Eat here then
Keke: Aye lets get tacos
Ray: I'm down
Keke: Lol i knew that would trick him
Ray: Don't play with me about my tacos
Keke: You a crackhead for tacos 
Jade: I guess ill eat some STRAWBERRIES *Goes to the refrigerator and gets some strawberries, comes back in the living room and eats her strawberries*

Roc: *Snaches a strawberry out her hand and eats it*
Jade: Nigga *Slaps him*
Roc: Ah 
Dessy: *Takes a strawberry while shes not looking* im not even hungry like that

Norey: me either not no more
Keke: ima go listen to my new album *Goes to her room and puts the CD in and BLASTS it* This is not loud enough ill just listen to it off my phone *Puts her phone on the Beats beatbox and listens to her album*