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L.A. Boys ~A Mindless Behavior Love Story~
Story published November 22, 2012 · updated October 5, 2013 · 21 pages · 436 readers · 5,792 reads
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Dessy: so how was the tour
Norey; how was it so crazy
Prince: a girl almost pulled me off stage
Keke: *burst out laughing* Lol did she grab you by your afro
Prince: -___- Thats not funny
Keke: well apparently it was for me
Jade: yall wanna take a tour of the house 
Boys: sure 


Keke: alright this is the candy room
Norey: sweet right? Yall get it?
Ray: -__- no 
Norey: Whatever ray
Ray: Well its not my fault i didnt get it
Dessy: OKAY next room
Jade: Come on yall 
E/B But Keke leaves
Jade: Where Kennedy
Norey: I dont know
Ray: Yea where is she
Keke: *Grabbing a bunch of sugar sticks* Gots ta have my sugar sticks! Hey did they leave me *Runs to them*
Prince: There she is
Keke: Why yall leave me
Prod: we were looking for you
Keke: well thats one thing that you put NO effort in 
Dessy: Okay heres the indoor pool

Indoor pool 


Roc: That pool is Huge
Ray: Right
Prince: do yall swim in it
Jade: sometimes
Dessy: Me and Keke sometimes do aerobics
Prod: Water aerobics?
Keke: Yep i have to get some of this weight off me
Prod: your not fat
Keke: Aww thank you 
Roc: Well i have a make out session with my bed so ima leave
Jade: *Smacks him in the back of the head* freak
Roc: Ah *Leaves*
Prince: Well we really got a show tomorrow so ima go to bed
Ray: me too 
Prod: Me three