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One Shots/imagins/prefrences for Lilly
Story published November 22, 2012 · updated 6 months ago · 61 pages · 3,758 readers · 11,153 reads
ever thought about
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Ever thought about.........(Leo Howard)

I sat in our tree house in my best friend, Leo's backyard. This would be the last time we sat up here, the last time we saw each other and it made me sad knowing tomorrow i couldn't run back here. Leo was moving further into California to be closer to the set of Kickin It. 
"Have you ever thought about what would have happened if i wasn't on the show?" he asked snapping me out of my thoughts. "No, this is what you want and i've only ever wanted you to follow your dreams. I'm glad one of us can." i said mumbling the last part. He sighed and took my hand and started playing with my fingers. I didn't think anything of it, come on we were best friends after all. "I' m sorry." he said because once he left i would be all alone again. My parents were gone, my brother was gone and tomorrow he would be gone. "It's fine, come on its your last night we shouldn't be up here moping around." i said trying to lighten the mood. I let go of his hand and  climbed down the rope quickly running over to the hosepipe. I picked it up and aimed it at the opening of the tree house. When Leo was coming down i turn the nozzle and water started spraying all over him. I died in a fit of laughter as his brown hair stuck to his face. He came after me and broke out in a sprint. He chased me with the hosepipe as far as it could go but he gave up and resulted in tackling me to the ground. I giggled as he started tickling me. "Stop-p-p- Pl-e-ease!" i shouted and he stopped. I took a deep breath and looked up at him. I looked up into his hypnotizing brown eyes and found myself getting lost. He leaned closer to me and my breath hitched. His lips were only inches from mine. His forehead pressed to mine and his nose lightly touching mine. I couldn't keep from looking down to his plump lips to his warm eyes and seemed to not be able to help himself either. "Have you ever thought about coming with me? that's what i wanted to ask you earlier." he whispered and i couldn't help the smile that broke out across my face. "Is that an invitation?" i teased seeing the wide grin across his face. "Yes." he said and crashed his lips into mine not giving me a chance to reply. Fireworks no, bombs went off and i couldn't get enough of him. My hands traveled up his back and into his hair and his arms wrapped around my waist pulling me closer. We didn't stop till we couldn't breathe. He looked back at me like he had one the lottery. "I'm taking that as a yes." he said bringing his lips back to mine and............................

        I'll leave the rest to yall's dirty imagination;)