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QV Magazine - November 2012
Story published November 23, 2012 · updated November 24, 2012 · 7 pages · 290 readers · 1,052 reads
Editor's Note
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Editor's Note

Happy November!! Massive thank you to all my readers, you are what make this happen. There would be absolutly no point if you weren't here to read and hopefully enjoy what QV has to offer. Everything included in this magazine is listed on my profile. I apologize, but I'm not able to include personal advice in this issue, as it is only the first one, so I will say this now: If you need any personal advice, you can PM me and I will be able to include it in here to help other girls having the same problem. Don't worry, it will be kept compleletly anonymous.

Is there somthing not here that you wish could be included? Have an idea change for one of the sections to make it better? Shoot me a comment and I might add it in(:

Also, if you want to ever just have a chat, message me on my profile. Thats always fun(;

Enjoy the very first issue of QV Magazine!!

Peace and love,
H xxx