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The Suite Life on Deck (Zack Martin love story)
Story published November 24, 2012 · updated November 10, 2013 · completed · 278 pages · 10,807 readers · 162,716 reads
Chapter 61. Twiste
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Chapter 61. Twister Part 2

Maria's P.O.V

I was sat in the Aqua Lounge with Zack and Woody watching skin crawler 7
'This movie is awesome!' Woody said 'I can't believe that guys skin peeled right off his body and ate the sheriff'
'I know' Zack said
'Skin crawler 7 is definitely the best one yet. I mean what a difference having Malt Warbler it makes' I said
'We interrupt this program to bring you breaking news. A powerful tornado has torn through parts of the Midwest. The worst devastation was centered in the small backwater community of Kettlecorn Kansas' A reporter said
'Oh no this is terrible' Zack said
'I know we missed the best part. See? The skin just belched up a bikini' Woody said
'No Cody, Bailey and London are in Kettlecorn' I said 'I hope they're okay'


I ran onto the Sky Deck with Zack and Woody
'Mr Moseby have you heard anything from London?' Zack asked
'No and I'm really worried about her. But I can't reach anyone' Dad said
'Look I think we should just head to Kettlecorn and see if they're alright' Zack said
'I have the same idea. But every road in and out of the area has been shut down' Dad said
'They're not letting anyone through?' Zack said
'No but the government is sending in a small search and rescue unit' Dad said
'Perfect' I said


'Come on men! Let's move it! Move it! Move it!' Srg Pepper said we boarded the truck and sat down
'Little help' Woody said dad and Zack pulled him up
'Ten hut!' Srg Pepper said we stood up and saluted 'At ease' We lowered our hands and Woody sat down
'Woody get up!' I said he got back up
'Look alive men! We are heading into the belly of the beast! I'm not gonna lie to you! It's going to be ugly! It's going to be dirty! And it might be a little humid' Srg Pepper said 'That is why this unit has been cherry picked from the toughest! The strongest! The leanest! Great barrier rife man who the heck are you?'
'Private Fink reporting for duty! Sir yes sir!' Woody said
'Srg Pepper sir. When we get to Kansas will we be stopping by the Pickett family farm?' Zack said
'Why? Your buddy here looking for a cow to eat?' Srg Pepper asked
'Hurtful sir!' Woody said
'If you think that's hurtful.How do you think it's going to feel when you've got 70 pounds on your back and your storming the beaches of Normandy!?' Srg Pepper said 'Now drop and give me 20! Do it!' Woody laid down and tried to do a push up. About half an hour later Woody managed to do his 2nd push up
'Come on private powder puff! It's been half an hour!' Srg Pepper said
'That's his personal best sir!' I said
19' Woody said Srg Pepper pushed Woody down with his boot
'Nice try corporal cream cheese' He said
'Did you hear that? I got promoted' Woody said
'Now make it 50 push ups!' Srg Pepper said
'Whoa okay' Woody said getting up 'Here's the think we're not really soldiers'
'What!?' Srg Pepper said
'Alright this will really tickle your funny bone which I can't seem to find under all that muscle' Dad said
'Is there a point to this G I Judy?' Srg Pepper said
'Yes there is sir. You see we're not really part of your unite we're just hitching a ride to help some friends' Dad said
'Which friends? The one's hunkered down in the jungles of Oklahoma?' Srg Pepper asked 'Alright men! Seams we've been infiltrated! Looks like we have to transport these enemy companions back to base and throw them into a military prison for the rest of their natural lives. Don't worry dough boy that ain't gonna be long for you'
'New orders jump!' Zack said before jumping of the truck Woody, dad and I jumped after him. We ran all the way to the Pickett farm
'I'm tired! I haven't run this much since Steve took me to the wild animalĀ  and set me free' Woody said
'Zack?' Cody asked appearing out of a cellar
'Cody' Zack said
'Girls!' Dad said seeing Bailey and London
'Ew your all wearing the same outfit!' London said
'Thank goodness you are all okay' Dad said hugging London while I hugged Bailey
'I'm not okay Mr Tipton's going to level our farm to put up a factory' Bailey said
'A plastic bag factory he's going to pollute the air while he makes something that will pollute the earth' Cody said
'Dad says it's a win win' London said
'Mr Tipton is here?' Dad said
'Yep' London said
'What are we going to do?' Bailey asked
'We can't let Mr Tipton destroy the farm' Cody said
'Well there's got to be some why to change his mind' Zack said
'Maybe we can appeal to his conscious' Woody said
'Mr Tipton doesn't have a conscious' I said
'Hey that gives me an idea' Cody said 'Alright guys huddle up'


'Stop the digging!' Cody said
'Alright. Fuzz! Stop the digging we're going home' Mr Tipton said 'Siet'
'Good one daddy!' London said high fiving her father
'According to theses soil samples your excavators have released dormal fungle spores' Bailey said
'Which when inhaled can cause nicotrofic disease' Cody said
'Oh no that sounds dangerous' Dad said
'Oh it is. Studies say that it's incurable' Cody said
'Is it infectious?' Mr Tipton asked
'Highly' Cody said
'Give me that who ever you are' Mr Tipton said taking Dad's pocket hankie
'What are the symptoms?' I asked
'Chest pain, dizziness, chills, skin irritation and restless leg syndrome' Bailey said
'I think I might have it' Mr Tipton said be backed away from him
'I'm not surprised it spreads like wildfire' Bailey said 'You're gonna be buried under an avalanche of lawsuits'
'This could cost me millions' Mr Tipton said
'Too bad you bough the farm' Cody said
'I suppose we could take it off your hands' Mrs Pickett said
'I don't know honey this disease sound's pretty awful' Mr Pickett said
'I know that but we farm folk have probably built up an immunity to it after all these years' Mrs Pickett said
'Sign here' Mr Tipton said handing Mrs Pickett a piece of paper 'Or make an x of a hofe print or whatever you people do'
'Help! I've been infected!' Zack said running over
'Zack' I said
'It started as a skin irritation but the next thing I knew my skin started peeling off!' Zack said peeling some fake skin of his arm
'Ew!' London said Cody dragged Zack away Woody came running over screaming
'Ah my face!' He said pulling a fake skin mask off 'Is it bad? You can tell it to my face'
'Anywho I believe you we're just selling the farm back to the Pickett's' I said
'Nice try. You think I haven't seen skin crawler 7?' Mr Tipton said
'Wait a go guys he was believe the whole thing before you clown farts butted in' Cody said
'They we're just trying to help. It's times like thing you know who you're real friends are' Bailey said 'Thanks guys' We hugged
'Can you finish your boho bla bla down at the bus station?' Mr Tipton said
'Stop! Look no one is going anywhere' London said
'Londy stay out of this' Mr Tipton said
'I can't daddy! I care about these poor ugly people. And I am not going to let you kick them out' London said
'You can't stop me' Mr Tipton said
'Oh yeah? Trust me daddy you do not want to make an enemy of me. I'll spill the beans. I'll tell them about the money laundering, the pay off, the secret money operation on the moon' London said
'Guess it's not a secret anymore' Mr Tipton said 'Londy how could you? Your my flesh and blood'
'Daddy I love you but they're my family too' London said
'I had no idea they meant so much to you. I don't even know how you know this guy' Mr Tipton said pushing dad over to us 'Alright! If it's that important to you the Pickels can have their farm back!' We all cheered


I was leaning against Zack waiting to leave
'Cody we still can't be together we got our farm back but what it will cost to fix it I can't afforded to go back to the boat' Bailey said granny Pickett woke up

'Your awake!' Mrs Pickett said
'Your alive!' Zack said
'I though she was a wrinkly cushion I sat on her for like 3 hours' Woody said
'Bailey come here' Granny Pickett said Bailey walked over 'Bailey I want you to go back on that boat with this handsome young man and your friends and see the world'
'I wish she could granny but we can't afforded it' Mrs Pickett said
'Of course we can' Granny Pickett said she picked up a tin that was under her rocking chair 'I've been saving this for a rainy day but I guess a windy day will do just as well'
'Oh my gosh! Look at all this money!' Bailey said
'That's what you use that can for? I though you had it under your chair to-' Mrs Pickett said
'That kept you from sticking your noses in it' Granny Pickett said
'Thank you gramy' Bailey said hugging her
'Well Bailey it looks like you'll be able to go back onto that boat after all' Mr Pickett said
'Cody I can't believe it' Bailey said they hugged
'Are you gonna kiss her? Or do we have to wait 6 months again?' Zack and I said

A/N: Only 3 more chapter's left