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They Don't Know About Us Liam Payne Love Story
Story published November 24, 2012 · updated December 16, 2012 · 2 pages · 34,589 readers · 48,073 reads
Meet Sadie and the
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Meet Sadie and the Robertson family

Hey y'all! The names Sadie but I bet some of y'all already knew that. Well my full name is Sadie Bess Robertson. I am 17, just like John Luke. Yes, we're twins, but we are nothing alike haha. Born on June 17. Well as some of you already know I am 17, i love to hunt with my family. My favorite color is blue, I goof off quite a bit. I love country music, but I love One Direction!! :) Haha, let's just say I'm not the most responsible. I text over my limit...alot, I'm actually better at driving then the first time! I run track and play basketball. Well that' all I can think of to telly ou right now...But let's meet my family!! :)

Well from left to right it goes, Jase my uncle, Si my great uncle, Willie my dad, and then Phil my grandfather.

That's Korie my mom :)

Now that's me and brother John Luke.

That's my grandmother Kay

That's my aunt Missy.

And these are my two cousins Reed and Cole

Well that's my family (: Well I better go, cause John Luke wants me to go the store with him..... Byeeeeeee (: