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Male!Countries x Male!Reader [Various One-Shots]
Story published November 25, 2012 · updated November 24, 2013 · 70 pages · 14,357 readers · 107,749 reads
Collar :-:Greece:-
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Collar :-:Greece:-:

Collar Pt. 1

A frown dominated most of your face, your tail swishing back in forth due to agitation thanks to a specific human always managed to cause. Your new owner stood not too far away a small box in his hand and a slightly downcast look on his face. You'd just finished fighting once again- you did not mean to always cause him pain... he just sort of brought it onto himself. 

Hercules simply stood there, holding onto the box tightly a fake smile now appearing on his face. "(Y/n) please wear this collar. It's my only way of protecting you from th-." 

"From what? Myself? You?What could that collar that dirty filthy piece of leather do to protect me other than binding me to you? Letting everyone know that I am your pet! What good is that collar to me?!" 

"Th-this collar will protect you from the authorities that would try to hurt you." Hercules mumbled his voice becoming softer and softer. He did not want to see you hurt by other's whom would seek to take advantage of you. A Neko without a collar-- many see that as free game. Forcing them down and taking them with such brutal force that Hercules did not want to see you put through. 

But... from what he's read on your papers you once allowed yourself your former owner used it against you. Pulling you down and dragging you showing you off as a trophy. Hercules felt sickened when he saw the condition you were in at the rescue-- bloody, beaten and bruised. Your lovely [fur color] matted down had absorbed the blood from your cuts. 

Some of the hair on your tail was burned off, bruises littered your face and neck (though Hercules knew full and well that they were love bites). One of [Names] teeth were broken now poking slightly out of his mouth showing it off to the world that his teeth were broken. The rescue telling Hercules that [Name] was a wild card, he could turn on him at any time. 

Hercules did not care, if [Name] saw fit to attack him, then he would let the frightened male do so. Raising a hand against him to discipline him would make him no better than his former owner whom did it just because he could using the power he held over him to force [Name] to do things against his will. 

Sighing Hercules set the collar to the side, causing [Name] to watch him with slightly widened eyes. Wrapping his arms around the slimmer males shoulder's he mumbled. "[Name] if you do not want to wear it... then you do not have to. If wearing a collar outside makes you remember your former owner... then please do not wear it." 

Hercules backed away, removing his arms from [Name's] shoulders causing the male to watch him. Curiosity blossoming in those [Eye Colored] jewels that he'd grown fond of. Scratching behind [Name's] still bandaged ear Hercules mumbled. "I do not want you to feel as if I am him. So... when you are ready to accept that I am trying to protect you please... wear the collar." 

With that Hercules grabbed his back pack and made his way out the front door. A student juggling around collage, a part-time job and a frightened Neko might not be heaven to most people but... Hercules wouldn't have it any other way. With [Name] being there waiting for him it helped Hercules to wake up and return home. 

[Name] watched Hercules from his usual spot near the window until his human was out of sight. Feeling a little bit guilty about fighting with him this morning-- looking at the calender he sighed.

"I did not even have a change to tell him Happy Birthday." [Name's] eye's drifted over towards the collar, knowing full and well that Hercules and his last owner are two different people [Name] clipped the collar around his neck, the collar did not feel heavy or weighed down as his last one did... this one felt light and free. 

Smiling [Name] grabbed his wallet and phone and made haste towards a store, he would have to be finished before Hercules returns home from school! 

I hope that you all enjoy this. Feel free to make a request on who you would like to see our fair Male!Reader paired with. 

(aka Tarnish)