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Male!Countries x Male!Reader [Various One-Shots]
Story published November 25, 2012 · updated 11 months ago · 70 pages · 13,279 readers · 99,773 reads
Second Grade :-:S
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Second Grade :-:Spain:-:

Second Grade 

"Ah! Big brother (y_n)! I'm so happy that you're here!" Peter yelled, running towards you wrapping his arms around your neck, as you leaned down to pick him up. Giggling when you rubbed your noses together, the seven year old squealed in delight at the small display of affection, setting Peter down on the ground sending him to grab his backpack and toys that he'd brought with him, nodding his head yes Peter ran towards his desk. Walking towards his teacher, Antonio Fernandez Carriedo you shook the Spanish man's hand. 

"Thank you for watching Peter Mr. Carriedo. I'm sorry that I was so late, my professor took a little bit longer to let us out than usual..." you trailed off, a nervous laughter following after while you scratched the back of your head. Antonio replied, "Ah, (y_n) how many times must I say this? Please call me Antonio~" staring at the man, you chuckled. "Haha~ okay Mr. Antonio thank you for watching Peter for me. I'll try and be on time tomorrow." 

"No te preocupes por eso (y_n)~ Me encanta ver a Peter.  Él es un buen chico." Antonio finished with a smile, using his native language against you, you chuckled as you said. "Thank you~ I'm happy that you like watching Peter for me, he is a really nice boy...." you trailed off, Antonio shook his head as he said. "(Y_n)~ I do not simply like watching Peter I love watching Peter because it allows me to see you before I go home." feeling a blush burn on your face, you turned to see Peter walking towards the two of you, saying. "Ah, big brother do you mind if Mr. Carriedo comes home with us for dinner?" 

"Huh? Wh-why are you asking me that Peter? You know that I'm not good with other people in the hous-" Antonio decided to butt in, "Ah~ so I'll finally be able to see where you and your hermano mayor live eh?" waving your hands around you yelled, "Peter!" Peter giggled, he felt like now would be a good chance to act like a match maker for his older brother. "Yep, and (y_n) is making hamburgers and french fries for dinner!" covering Peter's mouth with your hand you looked up at Antonio quickly saying. "Ahahhaha, he has quite a big mouth on him doesn't he? Must be good to be young~" you tried to laugh off what Peter had just mentioned to Antonio earlier, only to find the Spanish man with his heavy winter coat sliding over his wide shoulders. 

Standing next to you, linking his arm with yours he yelled. "¡Vayamos!" with that you found yourself being dragged towards your house by both Peter and Antonio. 


Laughter filled the night, Peter laughing and smiling, at Antonio's funny antics. The Spanish man obviously knowing how to deal with young children, (well he is a Second grade teacher after all) taking up the plates that were on the table, Antonio helping you put them in the sink while you picked up the sleeping form of Peter. Holding your younger brother close you walked towards his room, smiling as you took off the sailor hat that you had given him a year ago, placing a small kiss on his forehead. Saying goodnight you tucked Peter in, making sure that his nightlight was on so nothing would startle him. 

Turning to walk out of Peter's room, Antonio stood there leaning against the doorway. A small smile on his face as he allowed you to pass through Peter's doorway to close his door, cutting off the dimly lit room from the blinding light of the hallway. "Ah, you really love your little hermano menor don't you (y_n)?" nodding your head yes you replied. "Yeah...after our parents passed away in the accident I've tried my hardest to watch out for Peter. Though...I think I'm failing as a brother..." 

Antonio looked at you, confusion on his face as he asked. "What makes you think that (y_n)?" rolling your eyes you replied. "I'm not able to be there for the things he's able to do at school, I couldn't even make it for Open House to meet you again and talk to you about how Peter's doing. And...when he want me to play house or a game with him I'm usually wiped out from collage work to play with him....or to pay attention to him. Yes...were related...but it feels as if were just two strangers living in the same house..." 

Leaning against the wall, hand covering your eyes Antonio stood there, running a hand through his hair he placed his arms on either side of the wall, trapping you in the cage created by his arms. "(Y_n)...Peter only talks about you, he draws pictures of you receiving your major. That boy is only ever thinking about how he can help you. After all...he says that he doesn't remember your parents that well, he only knows you. He only has you he's told me that if anyone were to try and take you away from him, may it be the Devil or God himself he said he wouldn't let you go." 

Leaning closer towards your face, Antonio whispered. "And I told him...that I would fight along side him to keep you here." moving your hands away from your face, your face mere inches away from Antonio's as you stuttered. "M-Mr. Antonio! You shouldn't say you'll join my brother in a fight with the Devil or God! What kind of message was sent to him?! Waaah! I've messed up Peter!!!" Antonio reached for your chin, cupping it in his hand as he said. "(Y_n)...." 


"I don't want you to call me 'Mr. Carriedo' or 'Mr. Antonio'...." staring into Antonio's emerald green eyes as he leaned in closer to you, placing his lips against yours he pulled away. A smile on his face as he pulled you into a hug as he said. "I want you to just call me Antonio~" blushing you looked up at Antonio and mumbled. "S-stupid! Why did you just kiss me?! Why would I call you Antonio?!" 

"Because you like me." slightly taken aback by his words you mumbled. "What? H-how do you know that?" scratching the bridge of his nose, you sighed, running a hand through your hair as you mumbled. "Peter right?" nodding his head yes, Antonio pulled you into another hug, placing a kiss on your forehead he mumbled. 

"Te quiero (y_n)~" feeling your face burn even brighter you stuttered. "L-l-l-ove you to...Antonio..." pulling the taller male down towards your lips, a quick kiss that didn't last very long, pulling away from Antonio you hid your face in his chest. Hearing and feeling the rumble in his chest as he laughed. "Hahah, your so cute (y_n)~" growling a bit, you tried to hide yourself even further into Antonio's chest as you mumbled. 

"Shut up!" 

I hope that you all enjoy this. Feel free to make a request on who you would like to see our fair Male!Reader paired with. 

(aka Tarnish)