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My brothers best friend
Story published November 25, 2012 · updated March 31, 2013 · 162 pages · 13,325 readers · 184,787 reads
Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

>>>>Hana's Pov-

"Hana can i barrow this outfit please? I'm dying to wear it beside's you only wore it twice." Taylor said begging me. "Sure." I said giving into her, even though i didn't want to i did because she's my best friend and we always share each other's clothes. 

"Thank you so much lover." She said tackling me in a bear hug. I hugged back saying you're welcome. "Oh ya can i also barrow the shoes with it? And the purse?" She said giving me the puppy dog look. I nodded my head. "Take care of it." She nodded back at me and ran to my closet. Grabbing the whole outfit.

I hurried my phone go off. My twitter was glowing. Tweet from @_Jakey_ Why are you and Taylor being so loud up stairs? I tweeted back to him. @_Jakey_ Why does it matter, is it bothering you?

About 3 minutes later. Tweet from @_Jakey_ Yes it does, i want to spend time with you guys because your brother is sleeping -___- and i'm bored.

Wow, he would be sleeping it's not a shocker it's spencer he's always sleeping or eating, or working out with his sports. I tweeted back @_Jakey_ Well then you know where my room is at, just come in i don't think @_TayTheGreat_ Cares. 

Tay noticed her phone glowing up. Tweet from @_TayTheGreat_ To @_Jakey_ & @_TheOneAndOnlyHanaS_ You guys i don't care if Jake come's in here. 

I smiled at my screen, and plopped onto my bed. "Hey lover i still can see you." I turned at her and laughed. I heard my bed room door open. I didn't look to see who it was because it's obviously Jake. Some one jumped onto my bed making the bed move.

I looked down at Jake. "Hello Jacob." I said smiling and also teasing him because he doesn't like being called Jacob at all. He rolled his eye's playfully. "Hello Stewarts." I also hate being called Stewarts why can't you call me by my real name? 

Taylor cleared her throat reassuring us she was still in the room. Jake let out a little giggle and turned to her saying hey tay. She got up and jumped onto the bed where Jake and i was. Landing on both of us. "Ow." I said trying to get her off of me. "Sorry Han, and that was a hello Jake." She said smiling and getting off of me for i can breath.

"So what's up you two? And why were you guys be so loud young lady's i would like you to explain." Me and Taylor exchanged looks and started laughing.

"Well..." Taylor said in a deep voice trying to make it sound like she's telling a old story. I couldn't help but laugh really loud. "Anytime now." Jake said trying to make us finish are story. 

I talked for Tay and i. "Well like Tay was saying, she was borrowing my outfit so she was excited because she can't wait to wear it." He looked at me Taylor like we were high or something. "It's true." Tay said smiling at me. 

"You guy's get excited for the stupidest thing's." He said putting his face into my pillow. "What are you doing?" I asked Jake. "Taking a nap." He said into my pillow. 

"Well lover i have to go, i'll text you later." Taylor said to me giving me a hug. "See you to babe." Jake said smiling into my pillow. "Ha ha, very funny Jake." Tay said messing up Jake's hair. 

He quickly lifted his head up and shaking his hair back into place. It was perfect again. He flipped over to his back and leaned it against my head board. "Tay you're a meanie." He said sticking his tongue out. "I know." She said smirking.

"Well bye you too." She said waving. "Bye Tay." Jake and i said at the same time. "Jinks you owe me a soda." I said laughing. "You still say that?" I nodded my head.

"You're such a little kid." He said wrapping his arm's around me. 'As friends', but i did forget to tell you that we are cuddle buddie's not like friends and benefit's just cuddle friend's. Lol i don't know how to explain it. He dug his face into my neck. Making his self comfortable. After a while we fell asleep.


I woke up it's 6:30 pm i basically slept for 2 and a half hours. I still was tired, but i'm hungry. Also i'm to lazy to walk down stairs and get food. Jake's nose was freezing on my neck he kept scrunching his nose so it was freezing and it tickled on my neck. I jumped a little. Which woke Jake up. 

He looked up at me. His lovely blueish grey eyes were sparkling. "Good..-" he cut off by looking at his phone to check the time. "Good afternoon." He said smiling up at me. 

"Same to you." I said grabbing my phone. He tried getting my attention by putting his cold nose back on my neck. Which made me jump and have goose bumps down my arms. I could feel him have a smirk on his face. 

"Your nose is freaking freezing!" I whined. He let out the smallest giggle ever. "Well maybe if someone wasn't such a blanket hog i wouldn't be freezing." He said assuring me that i need to share. "I do not share my blanket's with boys." I said before i could think about how i put that.

He laughed at the thought. "Oh really so you share with girls?" He said teasing me. "You know what i mean't!" He shook his head no. "Well next time think before you say something 'Smart ass'." He said rubbing his nose against my neck. I whined at the feeling of his cold nose on my neck.

I tried getting out of Jake's grip. I gave up after the first five minutes. I was starving and had to pee really bad. "Jake let me go." I said tugging on his arms to let go. He let go of me.

I ran to the bathroom in my bedroom and wen't pee.

I walked out and walked to my bed where Jake was rolled up in my blanket's on his phone. Probably on twitter. I grabbed my phone and shrugged going down stairs to the kitchen.

I grabbed a lunch able. The nacho one of course and ate it. 

I ran upstairs into my room where Jake was still laying on my bed sleeping. How long was i down stairs? I checked the time. 7:14pm. Dang i didn't think i took that long.

I crawled into my bed and snuggled up into Jake wrapped up in my blankets. There was no use of trying to get any blanket's from him. He was to strong. I still attempted trying to get at least one blanket. It didn't work at all. My hands were freezing so i thought for a moment and repaid the favor and put it on Jake's face. Making him twitch.

But i didn't wake him up. I put my hand on his neck trying to wake him up. His eyes flew open. He slightly smiled with his sleepy eyes. "Wakey wakey Jakey." I said teasing him.

He rubbed his eyes. "I'm sleepy." He said with a husky voice. "I'm freezing nice to meet you sleepy." He laughed at me. "Nice to meet you to freezing." He unwrapped the blankets off of him and wrapped them around me. He made sure there was enough for him to have some.

He wrapped his arms around me. My body was shaking, i'm shivering because i'm so freaking cold. "You cold still?" I nodded my head in between my shivers. He smiled into my hair and pulled me closer to him. "Better?" He asked.

I felt warmer. "Yep." Right when my eye's started closing slowly. Spencer walked into my room. "Hello children." He said hopping on to me bed. Jake looked down at me and then up at Spencer. "Hey spence." Jake said crawling out of the blanket giving spencer a hug. Spencer gave him one back. They did there little kiss the cheek thing (No there not homo's no offense i'm NOT hating on gay's.)

I just ignored them and closed my eyes. But of course i was irrupted by Spencer shaking me. "Hey you been sleeping all day. And you didn't even say hi to me!" 

I shrugged my shoulder's. "I'm tired." I finally made out. "Well then i guess, i'll let you sleep. Jake and i will go do something." I nodded agreeing. Spencer gave me a hug . Then Jake picked me up making the cover's fall off of my freezing body. He gave me a hug. "Night Hana." He said into my ear. Making chills go down my back. 

"Night Jake." I said sleepy. He laid me back down, and wrapped me up. "See you later sleepy head." He said kissing my forehead. He walked out of my room. I finally got the chance to close my eyes and fall back asleep.

I think i love him..