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Unexpected Love
Story published November 29, 2012 · updated May 13, 2013 · completed · 199 pages · 14,427 readers · 204,965 reads
1: Squad 7
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1: Squad 7

Hikari's POV :

        "Today is the day Naruto. The day we get put on a new squad. Aren't you excited!" I yell as we walk to the academy.
        "I hope I get put on a squad with Sakura." He says, in a dreamy voice.
        "I don't know what you see in her, she's a JERK to you Naruto, she's also ugly and has a crush on Sasuke! No wait not just a crush an OBSESSION"
        "Don't talk about Sakura that way! She's so smart and pretty."

        Uggghhh Sakura. I hate her so much, all she ever does is stalk Sasuke and make fun of me and Naruto. Ino is the same way too. You know I don't understand what they see in him. He's so emo like and he acts like he's all high and mighty but he's not. Just because he's the last Uchiha doesn't mean he's the center of the universe. 
        We arrive at the academy and I take a seat next to Hinata. I know she likes Naruto so I'm always trying to get her to confess her feelings to him. The only problem is Naruto doesn't even notice it. He's such a baka.

        "Hey Hinata are you excited about getting a squad?"
        "Um uh I g-g-guess so."
        "I'm gunna guess you want to be on a squad with Naruto."
        "W-w-well yeah I w-want to."
        "I WAS HERE FIRST INO-PIG!!!!!!"
        "NO I WAS BILLBOARD BROW!!!!!!"
        "Oh great Sakura and Ino are here, I wonder what they're fighting about now." I say to Hinata

        I can't take it anymore. I stand up and tell Hinata I'll see her later and walk over to were Sasuke is sitting and take the empty seat next to him. 
        "Hikari! You can't take that seat!" Ino and Sakura scream at me as they run over.
        "Ohh and why not?" 
        "Because I was going to sit there!" they both yell in unison.
        "To late." I smirk
        "HOW DARE YOU!!!!" 

        Suddenly Sakura pushes me out of the chair. Okay that's it, this is the last straw. I get up slowly trying to keep my anger under control. Suddenly everyone in the room goes quiet. They all stare at me, waiting to see what will happen next.

        "How did you like that Hikari. That's what you get for taking my seat." Sakura smirked.
        "You're pathetic." I say laughing slightly. 
        "What did you just say to me?"
        "You heard me. I said you were pathetic. You think you're all high and mighty now because you pushed me out of a chair when I wasn't looking. Let me tell you something Sakura, I don't care if my brother likes you or not but if you touch me again I will not hesitate to beat you to a bloody pulp. I'm a lot stronger than you and you know it. Everyone knows it. So if I were you I would go find somewhere else to sit." I growl at her.
        She looks into my eyes and goes pale. She backs away slowly and takes a seat on the other side of the room. I look around and everyone is staring at me. Great now everyone is gunna think I'm a freak, but then again most of them already think that. I sigh and sit back down next to Sasuke and he just glares at me. I get up and move to the other end of the table. Naruto takes a seat next to me and Sakura slowly sits down next to Sasuke hoping I don't see her.

        "You didn't have to be so mean to Sakura, Hikari."
        "Naruto you may like her but that doesn't mean I do so back off."
        "Okay class sit down and I will announce your squad number and members." Iruka explains while walking to the front of the class.

        I space out for a while until I finally hear my name.

        "Squad 7 will be Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno....."
        "I'm doomed."
        "..... Sasuke Uchiha...."
        "Come on -_-"
        "... and Hikari Uzumaki."
        "Great I'm stuck on a squad with two of the three people I hate the most."

        I look over to Hinata and give her an apologetic smile. I feel bad for her. She's had this crush on Naruto for forever and he hasn't even noticed it once. I shake my head disapprovingly and wait for Iruka to tell us what to do next.

        "All of you will stay here and wait for your sensei to get you. Good luck." and with that he left.

(time skip 4 hours)

        I am going to kill someone. We have been waiting here for FOUR HOURS and our sensei still hasn't come. I look over and notice Naruto is doing something with a board eraser.

        "Naruto, you baka, what are you doing?"
        "I'm gunna pull a prank on our sensei because he's so late."
        "Naruto our sensei isn't going to fall for that trick. It's the oldest in the book."
        "Wait I hear someone coming."

        We all sit eagerly waiting when a hand grabs the door and slowly pulls it open. The board eraser falls on the head of a silver haired man with a mask covering half of his face. I can't believe he fell for it. It's the oldest trick in the book and this guy is supposed to be a Jounin. He must be pretty stupid if he fell for that.

        "My first impression of you is that you're all a bunch of idiots."
        "That's what you get for being late!"  Naruto blurts out.
        "Everyone meet me on the roof." He says and poofs away.
        "Great going Naruto now our sensei thinks we're all idiots!" Sakura yells.
        "You idiot." Sasuke sneers.

On the roof:
        "Okay now that we're all here why don't we introduce ourselves."
        "You go first." I say.
        "Fine. My name is Kakashi Hatake. I have many likes and I have many dislikes. I do not want to tell you my plans for the future. Okay who's next
?" he smiles.
        "My name is Naruto Uzumaki. I love Ichiraku ramen and instant ramen that comes in a cup and Sakura of course. I hate Sas-gay and one day I'm gunna be the Hokage."
        "My name is Sakura Haruno. I love, well Sasuke of course, and I hate Naruto and Hikari. And one day I plan on marrying Sasuke ♥"
        "My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I also have many likes and dislikes which I do not feel the need to waste my breath talking about. And in the future the only thing I want to say is that I plan on killing a certain someone."
        "Uhhhhhh....... okay then next."
        "My name is Hikari Uzumaki. I like reading, singing, cooking, and ramen of course. I dislike Sakura, Ino, and Sasuke. And I don't have any dreams for the future yet."
        "Okay then now that we all know each other a littler better you can all go home but be at the training grounds at 7:00am. We are doing a survival training exercise. Oh and don't eat anything or you'll throw up." and he poofs away again.
        "Well he's a bit weird don't you think?" I ask Naruto on the way home.
        "I can't believe he doesn't want us to eat." he groans.        
        "All you ever think about is food Naruto. Come on, if you beat me home I'll make instant ramen for dinner."
        "You're on."

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